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So you love food and travelling? Why not combine the two and make some new friends along the way! Collaborative travelling platform Withlocals connects locals in Asia with travellers from all over the world, to share a passion for food and travelling. A great opportunity to show off your cooking skills, get your hands on your mums secret recipe and earn some extra cash. Or if you prefer to be pampered as a guest, why travel far if you can explore so much more close to home?

Now active in 7 countries and with more than 10.000 Asian hosts registered, gives you the opportunity to explore a city in a whole new way. You can book home dining experiences, activities and tours in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Thailand. Find out what a day as a local in Hanoi feels like. Become a specialist fruit carver in Bali. Bring along your running shoes and pick up your exercise routine with a friendly run in Kuala Lumpur. The choice is yours! To get you inspired for a nice trip, we have listed the most extraordinary experiences for you. Get ready to be amazed, mesmerised and enthused!

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Home dining is a whole new concept in Asia, and it combines the best of two worlds. Great home chefs with cooking skills that rival any top chef, combined with the cosiness of a homely setting. You can try authentic local specialities, or ask the chef for a special request. There are no worries about the cleanliness of water at some of these homes because they have quality water purifiers that utilise reverse osmosis. Take for example host Beena in Singapore. She invites you over for a ‘fun with food’ experience. You can already see that the table is set for you. Passionate about food, experience with different cuisines and some special cake baking skills make Beena a great host for the evening. Arrive as a guest, leave as a friend!

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After you have enjoyed some great food, time to get off the couch and enjoy some more active experiences. Enjoy a safe and fund surfing lesson with Martin in Indonesia. If you can’t get enough of talking together, go for a drink or a bite after you rocked the ocean. Or maybe you don’t like to get wet and you feel more like exploring Malaysia by bike. Join Deffrey on a biking tour trough one of the world heritage zones in Penang. Get to know the stories behind the buildings, get creative with the extraordinary wall paintings to make original travel pictures and enjoy being outside.

If you are looking to plan a longer holiday and want to explore a new country to its fullest potential, you can book a multi-day tour with a local host. Nepal, for example, has so much to offer! The fantastic cultural heritage can be explored by local bus, or if you are more adventurous you can join host Hari Har on a rickshaw ride. Travel like a local and visit highlights such as Durbar Square and the Monkey Temple. Enjoy the fantastic architecture and find the inner piece by looking at the wonderful views. An even more appealing way of travelling is to go on tour with Sailesh in a vintage Volkswagen. Combine your love for old-timers with sightseeing, and you will surely have a great time to never forget!

This list could go on forever; adventurous travellers with an interest in local culture and food will agree that it is hard to choose! The Withlocals hosts are ready to welcome you to their country and even their home.

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