The Geeks Are Here To Kickstart Your Business Startup

Setting up your very own business in Singapore does not require thousands of dollars nor bank loans. You don’t have to beg for the help of your uncle-aunty-cousin-godfather to partner up with you. This is the year 2017. It is the digital age, and help can be found virtually anywhere. Your best friend? The glorious Internet. Take a lesson from how Facebook, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Reddit, LinkedIn, Resparkle and Homeware Secrets became multi-million dollar businesses without owning any brick-or-mortar property or inventory in their warehouse.  Everything is done online.

The price of doing this is less than what you’d pay for your daily Starbucks coffee in 1 month. And what is the first step to kickstart your business online? Finding a reliable web hosting service provider, sprinkle some creativity on your domain name, set business goals and find your unique selling point.  Now you just need a website to get started with attracting people’s attention to your product or services. Look no further than Host Geek’s fantastic Startup Program.

Buffet Of Hosting Options

From setting up email accounts to registering a domain, to selecting the amount of disk space that’s right for you, Host Geek stands by to make things as easy as possible for you – so that your focus is spent on other areas like the important day-to-day operations.

It does not matter whether your business is big or small.

With Host Geek’s Specialised Hosting Service, you can select your preferred amount of disk storage space with unlimited bandwidth and get the full software, plugin and theme updates. They take the techy bits off your hands. Other options also include Reseller Hosting, ShoutCast radio streaming and VPS Hosting with full server management.

Search Engine Optimisation and Content Marketing Boosts

Do you need to produce viral infographics, articles or content that will garner millions of views and shares? Also, once you’ve finished touching up your beautiful website with an impressive theme and a spread of enticing content, you need to fight for Google’s top pages – so that people will find you when they search words related to your business, like “How to cook a..” or “What to do in Korea”. Your online website needs to grow an impressive Return-on-investment (ROI) from all that hard work of content you generated.

This process is also known as Search Engine Optimisation. If the terms are starting to get a little too heavy, Host Geek is ready to dedicate efforts in pointing your business in the right direction through smart digital marketing.The Geeks can sit down and discuss with you a content program that ensures your business has a well-defined, viable long-term strategy that will increase website visitors, improved sales conversions, enhanced brand perception and much more.

Outstanding support and knowledgebase

You don’t want to go through the hassles of fixing server issues or worry about the technical aspects of your website, do you? Host Geek has built up an impressive reputation from its Geektastic support team.

Clients are fully assured that they have access to Host Geek’s comprehensive Knowledgebase that provides all FAQs and technical solutions to common problems encountered on your website. If you like to contact a Geek, you can always call or email, or engage in a LiveChat. Direct hotlines, online messaging and quick tickets ensure that your problem will be accounted for on the spot.

Last but not least, we want to add that Host Geek is offering 25% off all new customers’ first invoice until 30 April 2017. This offer is standalone and can’t be used in conjunction with any promotions, discount, vouchers, or programs.

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