What Gadgets Are Worth Taking On A Trip By Car?

Any journey is at least an assembly of necessary things, and often also in a hurry. But one thing, if you travel by public passenger transport and quite another – in a private car. In the second case, you will also need a number of gadgets that will help on the road and brighten up leisure during parking. So, what to take with you?


Of course, many modern cars have a built-in recorder. However, if you don’t have it, and you are planning a trip, it’s worth it in the order of things since in the event of an accident it will not be easy to prove your innocence.

By the way, since we started talking about recorders, an interesting solution in this regard could be combined devices that combine the functions of a recorder and an action camera.

Car inverter

Having a high-grade electrical outlet in your car is no longer a luxury, but a necessity, because anything can happen on the road. The variety of inverters on sale today is just huge. The functional differences between them are mainly in power.

Automobile compressor

Automotive compressor – a device that should be almost every driver. Many of you at least once had to inflate the tire with an ordinary foot pump or hand pump. Remember these feelings? So, a car compressor will make your life easier if you need to inflate the tire.

4G smartphone or standalone smartwatch

A good smartphone with 4G and the ability to distribute the Internet will certainly not be superfluous. Well, either a portable Wi-Fi router. This is both convenient and practical.

However, it is not always possible to answer the call while driving. If you are called and need to answer, it is better to use a standalone smartwatch. Mostly they work together with smartphones, but some models are independent gadgets.

Compact vacuum cleaner

If you are sure that you do not need this device, I hasten to disappoint – a few snacks in the car on the go and all the cleaning done before leaving will be lost. Such devices do not take up much space but will help restore order.

Car charger

At first glance, it seems that having an inverter at your disposal, it is possible to neglect autoloading. However, in the process, you will realize that convenience also comes at a price – although the inverter is useful, charging mobile gadgets is still more convenient with car charging.

Swiss Army Knife

A knife that can do everything in the world is needed not only in nature. With it, you clean the mango in Thailand, cut the Camembert in France and open the bottle of Barolo in Italy.

In addition to the blade, Swiss knives usually have a corkscrew, bottle and can openers, tweezers, and a toothpick. If you want to have one tool for all occasions, look at models with a screwdriver, scissors, nail file, and pliers. And aerobatics – a knife with a built-in flash drive.

Manual Espresso Coffee Maker

If coffee and morning are synonyms for you, do not give up the pleasant habit just because you cannot find a good coffee shop in a new city. Bring a manual espresso machine. A capsular gadget, a little larger than a glasses case, brews coffee like a good barista. And most importantly – does it without electricity! Pour hot water into the gadget – for example, from a thermos, pump up the pump, press the button – and you’re done.

For drivers, there is a compact espresso machine that works from a cigarette lighter and makes coffee not only from capsules but also from ordinary ground beans.

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