10 Useful Tips For Freshman Year College Students

Starting college is easily the most important step in the life of a person before 20. This is the time when you earn your independence, start taking responsibility for your life and actions and get to try the best of your abilities in action. At the same time, going to college requires some patience, persistence, and lots of curiosity to survive in this new and somewhat chaotic world. And the most important thing here is to get acquainted as quickly as possible to become an informal leader of your class, dormitory, or a group of friends.


Jumping Straight into the Thick of It

You’ve probably heard that college years are quite a lot about fun, partying, getting new friends, and simply having the best time of your life. Well, guess what? All of that is true. Yet, some people tend to either forget or just not to talk about the challenges that college life involves, especially during the first year. There’s nothing wrong with these people and absolutely nothing wrong with the aforementioned challenges, yet they are very useful to know before you start your classes.

The first thing to talk about is, of course, homework. There are many other academic activities during college to actually enjoy, yet you won’t forget loads of homework you’ll get. This challenge, however, is pretty solvable as you can always get help writing a paper for college online easily and just go for it. Nothing extraordinarily hard really.

Another thing is time management, which can be a real challenge if you don’t treat it seriously. Sometimes, having all the fun in the world and not missing out on classes can be tough. Again, this challenge is rather easily solvable as well, yet you need to approach it properly.

10 Useful Tips for Freshman Year College Students

Here are a couple of pragmatic pieces of advice that can help you solve the issues of homework, time management, and some others, and have all the fun you want.

1. Focus on the benefits of your student status.

This might seem like a boring thing to do, but you’ll find it fun very quickly. After all, who wouldn’t like to have a free meal, visit a free lecture, or get a discount at the movie theater just because they are a student?

2. Schedule your time.

You might have learned the basics of it in high school, yet now it’s time to get the real thing working. Don’t get this wrong, you shouldn’t plan every step of yours while in college yet. But you still have to think how much time you will dedicate to different things to manage them all.

3. Find good friends, preferably in their sophomore year.

Second-year students are, perhaps, the best sources of information for freshmen. They are not too old to get cocky with younger students, yet they know quite a lot already. So, don’t be shy, it’s just a one-year difference between you.

4. Show up to classes

Now, this is quite an obvious point in the context of college, yet some students manage to overlook it by miles. To at least show you came here to earn your education here, make sure to learn the schedule of your lecture and find your way to them. This is very important in the first year.

5. Don’t forget about homework

Another obvious but extremely important thing to keep in mind. Homework is viewed as the primary source of education in college, as you learn most of the material by performing assignments you take home. There will be those that you’ll feel stuck with, but then you can always check the review by TopWritersReview and get yourself some professional help. There’s nothing wrong with getting a slight push. There’s a lot wrong with not doing anything at all.

6. Remain engaged

By showing up to lectures and classes, you show that you’re interested in your education. Yet, this might not be enough later, especially when it turns into a habit. Ask questions, read additional material, visit off-campus lectures, and you’ll soon find that learning is actually a great part of the fun in college.

8. Get practical

Just acquire all those habits of older people. Backup your files, use discount coupons, and try not to buy lots of things at once. There will be a time in your life to get all the things in the world, yet in college, it’s all about good fun rather than material goods.

9. Join a sports club or start a new hobby.

It’s good to keep your mind busy by doing something in addition to your classes and homework. Besides, playing football or in a local band can get you lots of good friends.

10. Go to parties

Some might try to convince you not to do that, yet parties bring the most fun into college years. Of course, you shouldn’t get yourself into trouble, but you should still hang around in great company quite often. This will help you relax a little bit and maybe even improve your soft skills.

11. Always keep learning

Even after you go through your first year successfully, don’t assume you know everything about college life. Keep on moving, and you’ll be successful not only in college but for the rest of your life.

Having Your Time

College is when young people can shine, see the world, and show it who they really are. If you have a good time at college, there are very small chances you’ll find yourself roaming throughout the rest of your life. Don’t hold yourself back when it comes to living your life to the fullest while you have this opportunity. There will be times for homework, lots of schedules, and staying at home, but they are definitely not for college life. Responsibility is something you have to learn during this period, so don’t get too serious about it yet.


Cheerful and lively, Merissa Moore doesn’t really look like a professional author with many years of experience. Always preferring fun and action to overthink, she never seems to leave college mentally. As she tries to live to the fullest, Merissa’s advice always points towards all the fun things and mental refreshment.

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