Exploring The Food Scene In Singapore

When we talk about places that can be considered a cultural melting pot, most people will automatically think of the US, and that is true. However, if we shift this lens towards the Far East, there is another country that stands out, and that is Singapore. Singapore is a very small country that was only thought of as a little island nation, however, with time, Singapore started establishing itself as a financial hub in the Far East and has now become a prominent nation not just for people seeking business, but for tourists as well. 

Singapore has a lot to show people, and the interest in Singapore has only continued growing around the world. A lot of people look to shift their entire lives in the country, so if that is something that you want, you should look into tips on how to apply for PR in the country. You will find various websites and blogs that happen to be dedicated to the subject. 

Singapore has a very rich cultural scene, and this is why you will find influences from all over Asia in Singapore, not just in terms of the culture, but also in terms of the food as well. Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Indonesian culture has a prominent influence in shaping Singapore and you will notice this not just in the architecture and people, but also in the food as well. Singapore is home to unique cuisine and has some great food that is known worldwide. 

Singapore has it all in terms of food and accessibility. You can find small hawker stalls and markets offering cheap eats and meals, and if you want you can also find many renowned fine dining establishments that are renowned worldwide. If you happen to be interested in knowing more about the famous dishes of the country, you can keep on reading below:

Chili Crab

When we talk about the national dishes of Singapore, then Chili Crab is definitely amongst the top contenders. You will find Chili Crab everywhere in the country from small hawker stalls to fine dining restaurants. The crab is cooked in a tomato and chilli (usually sambal) sauce that is loved by both locals and tourists everywhere. You will also find a lesser-known black pepper sauce variant of the Chili crab as well. 

Hainanese Chicken

Hainanese chicken is the next dish that competes for a spot with Chili crab as the national dish of Singapore. The Hainanese chicken was introduced in the country by Chinese immigrants that hailed from the Hainan province in China. This is a pretty simple dish where chicken is poached and steamed in ginger and Pandan and then served with aromatic rice along with chilli and other sauces on the side. This is a very simple dish but it is incredibly flavorful and is something worth checking out Singapore for. 

Kaya Toast

Kaya Toast is a breakfast staple in Singapore and you will find a lot of people enjoying it with Tea or coffee in the morning. Kaya Toast is a simple butter toast that is toasted, cut into smaller squares, and then served with eggs that barely set whites. You then dip the toast in the egg and eat it. It is a very simple breakfast but it is recommended for the traditionalists. 

Claypot Biryani

Claypot Biryani is a mix between two cuisines here, and that is Malaysian and Indian. Biryani is a rice dish that is cooked with a spicy, aromatic taste. This rice is cooked in a clay pot which is commonly used in Malaysia and other parts of Asia for cooking. The rice comes out steaming hot, and it makes for great comfort food. If you are looking to experience more Indian food and culture in Singapore, you can check out Little India where you will find an entire Indian locality complete with food, architecture, people, and experience where you can find other gems like Roti Prata, Samosas, etc. 

Hokkien Mee

Hokkien Mie, like Char Kway Tow, is a very famous noodle dish in Singapore, but you can also find variations of it in Malaysia. This is also a dish that has its roots from China, mainly the Hokkien province. This is a noodle dish that usually comes with different types of seafood like calamari, oyster, prawns, etc. that is cooked with a sauce that is usually made of fried prawns and it comes out incredibly fragrant and delicious. 

Other honourable mentions in the list can include Laksa, oyster omelettes, Char Siu, and so on. There is something for everybody in Singapore so if you are looking for a cultural food experience, give it a shot.

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