30 Top Great Pins For Expressing Your Food Obsession

There is no denying that we love food, either to fill our stomachs with it or to just satisfy our taste. Aside from that, we all need food to survive, and food has grown into a level that seems like a hobby ranging from making food, taking pictures of food to share on social media or just eating it. Here is the thing; a lot of people derive so much joy in sharing different types of food on social media even more than eating it. They just love the sight of good food!

Interestingly, there are many ways in which we can show the world our love of food, be it cute accessories or clothing. However, the problem for many is they do not have an idea on how to do this. For this reason, we have taken our time to search for the best food pins you can buy online. We handpicked the best of them all in this list. And you may ask why; well, this is because pins are now making a big comeback. The following are the best pins you can pick from:

Pickle pin

The pickles have added so much value to the food world. Burgers and sandwich without pickles are not complete as it makes them more dynamic. To spice up your outfit, try to add the pickle pin to it. People will definitely turn back to look at the pin!


Fried egg pin

The humbleness and simplicity of fried egg go unnoticed sometimes, and they are not adequately appreciated, which is below what they truly deserve. A staple of ramen, brunches, burgers and sandwiches everywhere, you can express your respect for this food with the fried egg pin.

Chicken and waffles pin set

Chicken and waffles are perfect food combos, and there is a cliché about going together like chicken and waffles. That is what this pin set is all about. One of the pin set should be for you and the other one for your better half. However, there is nothing terrible about keeping both.

Artichoke pin

This pin is probably to show that there can be a pin for almost everything in the world. The artichoke pin is perfect for individuals who love artichoke hearts and as well as artichoke pizza.

Disney ice cream pin

Aside from the fact that the ice cream bars are appetising, they also look appetising. This pin brings the fantastic feeling of walking through a theme park to the mind, ice creamed and carefree. Every lover of the theme park will ask you where they can get their own when they see the Disney ice cream pin on you.

Orange mocha frappuccino pin

This pin mystifies us a bit. Although the orange mocha frappuccino pin looks exactly like the Starbucks frappuccinos known and loved by legions, the cup also has an orange in which the Starbucks would fit in. One can deduce through the name of the pin that this frappuccino has an orange mocha flavour, which may not be specifically appetising. Despite all this, the pin is still fantastic and will make you stand out in anywhere.

S’mores pin

We are indebted to the inventor of the delicious combo of melted marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers due to the fact s’mores are among the most magnificent desserts whether you are camping or you are not camping. You can wear it on your shirt whether you are camping or not; it does not have to be only when you are camping.

Glitter ring pop pin

The ring pop happens to be among the best candy fads of our past. What better way to devour portable candy fashionably and safely? Real ring pops are hard to find these days; however, you can always remember them with the ring pop pin.

Bubble tea pin

The bubble tea also known as the ‘boba’ is a beverage which has a cult following. So, once you are hooked, then you are hooked. There are many shops out there selling the bubble tea that will satisfy your craving, and they also offer different flavours and different styles. Here is the thing, whenever you have this bubble tea pin on, it makes you feel like taking a bit of bubble tea with you anywhere you go. This is amazing!

Avocado pin

A lot of avocado lovers have been searching for the perfect avocado pin, and all their search seems like mission impossible. Well, not anymore. We have finally found the enamel pin that captures the adoration and beauty we feel for this food.


Chipwich pin

This pin makes you look extremely outstanding. One thing that is better than an ice cream cookie sandwich is an ice cream cookie covered in chocolate chips. With this pin, rest assured you are fully covered!

Beet pin

Without the beets, your Battlestar Galactica and bears are not complete; you cannot even do without it. The best way to celebrate this vegetable is with this great pin. On top of that, the beet pin also makes an excellent present for the Dwight Schrute.

Sriracha hot sauce pin

Sriracha has more dedicated and as well as passionate more than other condiments. You simply ride or die if you love sriracha. You will be tempted, is that the right phrase? No, you will always want to add it to everything because foods without that do not have sriracha hardly count as food. Almost all the cookbooks you buy revolve around sriracha as the main ingredient. What better way to show the world you are a lover of sriracha than having its pin? People who come around you or perhaps who want to have a lunch or dinner with you will have an idea of what they are expecting in your food.

Top ramen pin

Almost everybody has the loving memory of Top Ramen. Perhaps it was the hip snack you consumed dry while in college or the only thing you could afford, instant ramen holds a special place in the minds and hearts of people. And having top ramen pin on you is another way of saying ‘I love ramen’.

Doritos Pin

Without mincing words, most of the junk chips we reach for now are the junk chip of our childhood. Doritos is a sweet memory for most of us. The only question that is yet to be answered is whether you are team Cool Ranch or team Nacho Cheese. This particular pin is team cheese.

Crinkle cut fry pin

Why does everybody love fries? It is no fallacy that there is a scientific answer to that question; however, to be sincere, we do not care that much about the science; we just want to keep grinding those fries with our teeth, and send them down the throat with some sweet dash of ketchup. Amazing, right? Every lover of fries will appreciate seeing this on you, and I bet they might ask for where you purchased it!

Sarawak laksa pin

Sarawak laksa has its origin from Malaysia, Anthony Bourdain’s favourite noodle dish. Anthony would put the Sarawak laksa on a list he’s convinced that people ‘deserve and need’. Well, that is his own opinion, make yours, too. If you happen to be a lover of Sarawak laksa, then you definitely need to get yourself one or more of these pins.

Bacon pancakes pin

Are you a lover of Adventure Time, pancakes and bacon? To be honest, you really need to get this pin. I mean, what other way to express how much you love them? I’m sure this is also capable of getting you new friends because every lover of pancakes and bacon even non-lovers would look at you twice.

Sushi omakase pin set

You won’t be able to eat one and just get enough when you eat sushi. You will want more of it. You will want the entire menu of sushi. This pin set is just like that. Complete your outfit with this pin set and stand out in any gathering.

Pizza pin

You have probably been waiting to see this on the list. Yes, we do not disappoint our valuable readers! Who does not like pizza? Even little babies scream for more when they are given little. Pizza is life, no doubt. Show the world your love for pizza with this pin.

Strawberry pin

Light up your outfit with this strawberry pin. Aside from the fact that this will look great on you, it will also make a perfect gift for someone who loves to garden.

Burger pin

This burger pin symbolizes today’s American society and our love for burgers and French fries! Wear the burger pin to show off your love of your favourite food especially if it’s hamburgers! On top of that, this can also be a great pin to hand out to your employees or give to that one person who is a food junkie!

Nachos pin

Appetizer food, bar food and ballgame food, the Nachos fit all these categories. If you love dipping tortilla chips into a melted cheese, then this pin is for you. You know that feeling when you put something on and everyone starts asking you where you got it so they can also get it? Yes, you do! That is the feeling you get when you have this on you.

Pineapple pin

This is a great hospitality and food industry piece that can either be worn on lanyards, suit lapels or on uniforms. Show the world you love to eat pineapple. Nothing bad about that!

Tostada pin

Would you believe if I say that all the most popular Mexican dishes have their own enamel pin waiting for everyone that loves Mexican food to pick up and put on? Maybe you won’t, but you need to believe that. This pin happens to be one of the delicious tostada that was accurately made with the help of a restaurant that serves tostadas.

Pierogi pin

A lot of cultures have some foods that are wrapped in dough in which they will either boil, fry or bake. They can be really delicious. What do you say about immortalizing them? Well, we think they deserve a pin and we got them one. The Pierogi pin looks good on everyone.

Pho pin

One of the most satisfying foods to eat is pho. It feels awesome to have a bowl of delicious noodles and broth and fill up your body with some good warmth. The pho pin does not give you such feeling, but it is a reminder of what pho is like anytime you put it on you. I know you will definitely reminisce about pho assuming you have taken it in the past with this pin on you.

Taco pin

We are all blessed with such friend that derives so much joy in finding and as well as eating the best taco the world can offer. Here is the deal, walk up to that friend and hand the taco pin over to him saying “I found the best taco in the world, and it’s yours to keep”. That might help them take their minds off talking about tacos every moment.

Chicken nuggets pin

What a great way to show how much you love to eat chicken! Every individual that loves to eat chicken will definitely ask where you got this from when they see this on you.

Apple pin

There is an old saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Who does not love to eat apple? I mean everybody loves to eat this fruit, and here is the big deal; if you are a collector or just a lover of this great fruit, then you need to have this.

There you have it! All these are not all the food pins available online, but just like we have said before, these are just some of the best. Is there any food pin you cherish that is not added and you want it to be on this list? You can drop it in the comment box below and the admin will do the needful.

If you have your own unique design and want to make it be a real pin, you can contact vivipins.com/food-pin  to make it happen.

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