Top 5 Fishing Trips & Tours for Keen Anglers In North America & Alaska

Every adventure-seeking fisherman dreams about taking a fishing trip on the open sea or in the wild and catching a fish of a lifetime. The plethora of magnificent fishing destinations is waiting to be visited and experienced by avid fishermen. But with so many fishing destinations across North America and Alaska, it can be a difficult challenge to opt for a fishing tour. Let’s have a look at five most exciting fishing destinations in North America and Alaska.

1. Rhode Island Fishing Trip

Rhode Island is a state in the United States which belongs to the New England region. To the south, this beautiful small state is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, so it’s no wonder that there was a big colonial base in fishing. During the exclusive private fishing tour, the adventurous fishermen have a unique opportunity to catch American Eel.

2. Alaska Pike Safaris – Innoko River

Although you can catch a big pike in many places in North America, if you want to get the most out of your fishing, then you should visit the lower Yukon River in Alaska. It’s considered to be the centre of “pike country,” so if you wanna indulge your passion for pike fishing, this is the place to go. Note that pikes can get over 25 pounds here, so make sure to bring a strong fishing rod. For cost-wise people and DIY guys, a charter is the best choice.

3. Grand Slam Trip

Grand Slam is one of the best fishing trips you can experience in North America. This ultimate venture takes place in the Big Sky Country (Montana) and involves three days of fishing for three different kinds of fish on three different lakes. Alternatively, you can spend 3 days seeking the big catch, whatever it is. Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Musky, and Walleye are some of the most popular kinds of fish here.

4. Kenai River Fishing – Alaska

The king salmon or Chinook is regarded as the king in the world of fishing, just as its name suggests. That’s why many anglers from all around the world come to Kenai River in Alaska every year. Even though salmon fishery has struggled a lot in recent times, there are still big king salmons to be caught, especially in the small, lesser-known hidey holes that still hide kings.

5. Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing – Florida Keys

Located along the southern coast of Florida, the Florida Keys consists of a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean. This breathtaking coral cay archipelago is widely known for beautiful sandy flats, turquoise crystal clear water, seagrasses, and mangroves. With regard to fishing, it’s best known for the giant Atlantic tarpons — the lord of the Atlantic. This majestic fish makes the Florida Keys one of the most attractive destinations in the world when it comes to saltwater fishing.

There’s a wide range of exotic destinations throughout the North American and Alaska that offers lots of fishing opportunities to keen anglers. Getting to the destination where the myriad of fish sojourn doesn’t necessarily yield great results, though. If you want a successful fishing trip with a good catch, then the aforementioned destinations are the safe bet. Good luck!

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