How To Plan Your First Thailand Trip

Planning a vacation to Thailand is much easier than you may think. It is a place where you can relax on a hammock with a coconut in your hand, under the blazing sun, by the crystal clear seawater. It offers much more than just beautiful beaches, friendly people, and delicious local cuisines.

Forget the myth that faraway tourist destinations are expensive and accessible only to the wealthy. Holidays in Thailand are affordable and much cheaper than other tourist destinations like Hawaii, Caribbean or California. You’ll probably get better rooms at the lowest possible rates and a memorable experience.

You can choose to travel as a backpacker for over a month with basics facilities or enjoy the luxury on a short trip. The best thing about Thailand is that tourism is very well developed and they give ample of choices to choose from. You could either opt for $10 per night beach shack or $200/night room at a five-star hotel. Here are a few tips to plan your Thailand holidays

Thai Visas

Thai visas are easy to get. For most, especially those from ASEAN country, get 30 days free visa. If you are planning to stay for long, then it is suggested that you get a visa for 6 months.

Travel Insurance

Although it is not required, many of the travel sites recommend it. These travel insurances also cover the adventure activities that you want to do in Thailand. Thus, it is best that you buy one as per your itinerary.

To travel within the cities, you can take a bus, taxi or ferry. For bookings, you could contact BookAway. They are one of the most reliable and affordable ticket booking facilities online.

What to See and Where to Go?

If you are travelling for a shorter duration, then it is best to carry out thorough research and plan the places you want to visit during your holiday. Make sure that you book your flight tickets in advance, in order to get the best deals. Depending on your travel dates, plan your holiday activities.

Once you’ve planned your itinerary, you could book transport through BookAway. They have simple cancellation and refund policies, making the travellers stress free. Also by visiting their website, you get all the required information about using the transportation services in Thailand. Some of the must-see places are:

The Thai Islands:

No vacation is complete without visiting any one of the beautiful islands. All these Thai islands are different in shape and have a lot to offer to the tourists. Koh Phi Phi is one of the most famous islands. You could also take an adventurous day trip from Koh Phangan to Koh Phi Phi by ferry. However, make sure you book tickets through reliable online sources such as BookAway.

Chiang Mai:

It is the northern capital of Thailand and is highly visited by people from around the world. The vibe of this place is inarguable pleasant and unique. Here you can enjoy good food, Lanna culture, outdoor markets and much more.

Best time to visit

November to April is the best time to visit Thailand. However, if you are looking for discounts on accommodation and activities, then it is recommended to travel in low season months.

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