What Fashion Trends Are Popular In Singapore In 2018?

The year has already advanced quite a bit. This does not mean that the time is up to try new things though. If you have been trying to follow up on trending fashion in Singapore, you might have noticed that people have been experimenting quite a lot this year. Despite this, some styles have still remained pretty constant. Fashion trends come and go pretty often and you need to keep an eye on the style world if you want to keep up. Here are some fashion trends that have defined Singapore in 2018. 

Layered Clothing

Men have perfected the art of layering clothes in 2018. Layering is usually a tough process for most men as it is quite involved. With the evolution of style though, there has been a rise of simple clothes that make layering easy. It seems that most people are interested in leaving behind the simple look for the more complex look. 2018 has thus seen many experimenting with different colours and fabrics.

Throwback Style

Every year features some form of throwback style. Whether it is the 80’s or 90’s, you can almost always spot the little trends that focus on the past years. 2018 has not been any different. The 80’s style has been re-imagined and embraced this year. Everything from the bold and bright colours to maximized suits has been seen this year. They 80’s style is one of those styles that come with a lot of flexibility. If you are intending on getting on the bandwagon, spend a little time researching on the vibrant colours that will not be too dull nor too vibrant. 

Biker Accessories

If you have not tried it yet, the biker style is one of the most dynamic. You can literally get anything that is customized for this style. In 2018, biker accessories are all the rage in Singapore. Not only are men going full leather, but they are also embracing the accessories that come with this style. There are numerous biker accessories you can get including chains, rings, belts and others. Bikkeringshop (https://www.bikerringshop.com/collections/gothic-rings) has a huge selection of such accessories for men which you can explore to find the right style for you.

Checked Suits and Hats

2018 has been a year of a resurgence in many ways. Not only has there been a huge revival of 80’s and 70’s clothing, but the dressing styles have also been influenced by past eras. Boaters and ivy caps with checked suits are therefore one of the trends that have been quite popular. The difference between the 2018 styles and those of yesteryears is that there is now a lot more variety to choose from. It also seems that the carry-over style will continue till the end of the year.

Shoe Styles

Footwear has largely remained the same in 2018. There have neither been major changes nor emerging trends. One thing that has stood out though, is that more and more people are going for comfort. In previous years, the focus used to be on appearing stylish. Today though, both comfort and style are important, especially to men. Sneakers, moccasins and other kinds of shoes have thus become more ergonomic.

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