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Famous Beers & Drinking Cultures Of Countries In Asia

When we talk about beers and drinking culture, USA and European brands are likely to be the first beers to come to our mind. Germany’s Oktoberfest has successfully made german beers famous all over the world, Czech Republic gained respect for its Krušovice and Irish pubs with their small private brewery can be found all over the world. Have you ever take a step back and ask ‘What about the famous beers and drinking cultures of countries in Asia? Having seen what the western world has to offer, let’s take a closer look at their Asian counterparts and better understand their beer culture and philosophy. To know more about this beverage, you can check out these beer facts.

What stands for it?

The local Purity Law doesn’t allow breweries to use anything but hops, malted grains, water, and yeast. This feature, together with the biggest festival Oktoberfest, made Germany a label of this drink in Europe. The label is saved till today. Every year thousands of enthusiasts and appreciators from Asia, Poland, Ireland, Russia and other countries gather together to celebrate the beauty of this cheering drink and have fun. European traditions allow taking it almost every day during the dinner, on a meeting with friends, on corporate evenings, to relax at the end of the working day, before going to sleep. Drinking is a way to have fun. It associates with friends, relaxing, adventures, big companies, and casual behaviour.

European traditions include some portion of alcohol in everyday life and some people consider it to be a healthy drink of youth. A phrase “let’s meet for a drink sometime” is an expression of positive and friendly attitude and trust. It is everywhere today. Some companies are using it in commercial, for example, “we write college papers while you are drinking a beer” which means relaxing or having fun.

What about Asia?

Asian tradition doesn’t include taking this alcohol as much as in Europe. Moreover, it was overtaken in 2007 and during the next few years, the consumption raised to the leading position in the world. In a recording time period, the market was fulfilled. Eastern countries started to drink beer because it is perfect for hot climate together with spicy food. It refreshes and gives strength. Eastern countries are rich with tropical fruits, therefore there are special recipes of exclusive drinks, like coconut milk, C100, Osmanthus wine, Wahaha Nutri-Express, and other, and also world famous cocktails. Asian tea recipes have been borrowed and spread around the world. Still, a beer holds the leading position. Of course, the variety of tastes and recipes are far from traditional. Asians are also known to experience the Asian flush syndrome everytime they drink alcoholic beverages.


15% of an internal market of China takes Asia brewery. The company has been founded by The Anglo-German Brewery Co. Ltd and implemented its culture and production successfully. In spite of being implemented from Europe, Asian people prefer drinking it together with other traditional drinks. This type of beer had become the most spread along the China and other countries and beloved by their population. Today it can be found everywhere. Another specific is its original transportation. Chinese people are used to buy it in plastic bags and deliver to the destination.

Something Special

Singha. Is a typical Thailand type of beer which is made from barley malt. This is a perfect type for tradition appreciators. Singha relatively strong and is famous and beloved for its purity. Local inhabitants drink it themselves, serve to the tourists and export it. Tiger beer is another option of traditional European drink represented in Asia by Heineken Asia Pacific. This is produced in Singapore since 1932. The slogan “It’s time to tiger” has become famous all over the world.

For those who are looking for exotics, there is a Beer Lao with the taste of marzipan and ripe wheat. It is made of local rice, hops, yeast and malted barley. It is produced in Laos. The uniqueness of taste lies on its combination of European and Asian traditions in one bottle. Tourists who are not ready for local food experiments, but still want to try something original, are welcomed to taste this drink.

Those, who like something bitter, will enjoy Indonesian Bintang Beer. In spite of moderate bitterness, there is a grain and malt flavour. It is also well known as a Star one. Angkor from Cambodia gives the chocolate top and herbal finish. This is the one which worth trying for every tourist. Vietnam offers a perfect variant for ladies with a light flavour of grapes and lemon, light structure and refreshing taste. It is Saigon Red which has a nice taste for both locals and tourists.

Beer Fest Singapore

Yes, there is a local Oktoberfest in… June. The festival offers more than 500 variations of drinks, music, and all traditional kinds of mass entertainment. Most Asian and tourists come here for holiday to look for adventures and exotics. There is also a Beerfest Singapore restaurant. It is well known for its local and specific brewery which works since 2006.

Asian culture is full of exotics. Beer culture was overtaken by European and American tradition and beloved by local people. In spite of European roots, the drink acquired special flavour, taste, recipe, and meaning. It is offered mostly to the tourists and used as a refresher.

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