The Importance Of Family Love

It is true to say that family is a community of people who live together and stick together by emotional relationships, marital relations, blood ties, nurturing relationships and or educational relationships. The concept of “Family” has existed for a long time and has undergone a long development process. In fact, families have influences and strong impacts on society.

The importance of family love

In every person’s life, the family plays a very important role. In particular, the family environment always has a double-sided impact on our character formation. Family is one of three social environments. It directly determines the natural and social aspects of each person. In addition, a family is a place for members to live sincerely with each other, sharing their love and joy, which is the most solid base when we encounter difficulties or fail in life.

In every person’s life, the family plays a very important role via shop vo chong

Family members are also those who live together under one roof, intertwined with marriage and blood ties, often including grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren.

For our childhood, families are a place for us to develop physically and mentally. Family is a place to protect us from bad effects, Prevent us in a timely manner from deviant manifestations to improve our personality. It is also the first school for us to form basic skills for a good life.

When we grow up, the family is the place where we return after hard working days. it is the place where we share our love with our sense of responsibility and duty. It is tolerance, protection, and forgiveness when we make mistakes. It is also an encouragement for success, success, etc.

When we are old, our family is a place for us to rest after a long struggle, hard labour. A family is a place that brings us joy when we are old. It is a place to help us find the meaning of life, to teach our children life experiences even if we are old and weak.

The family is the cell of society. Families contribute an important part to the common development of all aspects of society, along with the society to build a perfect living environment and perfect people.

We need to condemn misleading manifestations that cause cracks and disruptions of family relationships. It can be domestic violence, children treat their parents badly, parents lack the obligation to care for and care for their children. A noticeable phenomenon in modern society is the increasing divorce situation, but the most disadvantaged are children and women.

There is no denying that very person being has a different type of personality, psychology, there is a need, a different will. In order to create a strong and good relationship in the family, each person needs to know how to balance, adjust himself and be responsible for loving and caring for other members.

To have a happy family, all members need to be equal, enthusiastic and affectionate. Keeping the peace and building up happiness for the family is a foundation for the sustainable development of people and society.

Evidence shows that family love is important for each person

A Harvard study was conducted by Waldinger, RJ & Schulz, MS (2016) with the number of 81 men. The results of this study indicate that “warmer relationships with parents in childhood predict greater security of attachment to intimate partners in late life, and that this link is mediated in part by the degree to which individuals in midlife rely on emotion-regulatory styles that facilitate or inhibit close relationship connections”

Families are a place for us to develop physically and mentally

Another evidence is the study of Bond, L., Patton, G., Glover, S. et al. (2004). The results of this study have other effects such as school intervention, which can have a positive impact on emotional well-being. That proves that your family can help or hurt your feelings. There are many other factors that can affect and affect your emotional health, meaning that everything can change.

Several ways to solve problems with family love to improve feelings

If you grow up in the absence of family love or you are currently having problems with a family that is affecting your emotional well-being. Don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to improve this situation:


Unfortunately, there are many people who were born in an unhappy family; they can’t do much to change it. For a long time, they may be stuck and suffer if their families are not happy, or (even worse) abused. These types of situations can leave long-term consequences such as depression, anxiety, and difficulty getting close to people.

Counselling can help you understand and start solving family problems or trauma- these may be in the past or continuous. One positive thing is that finding consulting services is easier than ever. Especially, direct advice is still a top choice for many people.

There are many people who were born in an unhappy family; they can’t do much to change it via gel

Choose Your Family

This can be difficult when you’re young. But when you grow up, you have the right to choose to end unhappy family relationships. In addition, you can also choose new members in the honour family that make you feel loved and respected.

Let start by reaching out to the people you trust and you feel close to being supported. These people can be friends, colleagues, etc. These relationships may start as friends, but over time, friends (or colleagues) can become as close as family.

Put Yourself First

If counselling or choosing your family does not seem to be a viable option due to lack of finance or the lack of friends you consider to be family-like, don’t give up! Please remember that self-love and self-expression are also important factors to improve your happiness. 

Although it can sometimes be difficult, it is important that you learn to recognize your own values. If you’re living with a family that doesn’t treat you with love and respect, you don’t need to be sad about it. You should feel comfortable when standing up for yourself. If you are in an abusive relationship, you can contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233. In fact, how families treat you, especially when negative, doesn’t reflect your value.

Keeping your emotional happiness by taking good care of yourself, doing things that make you happy and developing a tough appearance cannot be invaded by people who don’t treat you the way you deserve.

All in all, it can hardly be denied that family love is extremely important when it comes to one’s emotional happiness. Growing up in a loving and supportive family can help you grow into an emotionally healthy teenager. However, lack of family love or growing up in an unhealthy family environment can negatively affect your feelings in the long run.

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