Why Thailand Should Be Your Next Family Holiday Destination

You might have known Thailand as a haven for rave parties, erotic cabaret shows and everything that you would not want your kids to experience. However, what most of the travelogues miss out that the land of smiles has everything that children of any age group would enjoy. From the exotic locales to the bustling markets, mountains, pristine beaches, friendly and playful elephants, oriental temples, this country has everything to offer. However, a little bit of preparation on your part can make your holidaying experience even more rewarding.

The Best Places To Take Your Kids

Do you have a super enthusiastic young swimmer in the family? Then you might want to include the shallow sea areas of Ko Chang and Eastern Seaboard in your itinerary. They can enjoy a good deal of sea-combing here, while the older children would love interacting with the elephants and explore the nearby jungles.

If you have a pint-sized marathon runner, then he or she would love visiting the amazingly long, silent and clean sandy coastline of the Hua Hin region. A number of young parents, accompanying their babies-in-arms mark Ko Samui as their favourite spot. The Thai people love children and Koh Samui has everything to keep the families happy and comfortable. There are a number of boutique hotels, which are ideal for children.

You can also avail the specially tailored trips, which are designed keeping the needs of children in mind. Again, Hat Chewang is particularly a favourite among the teenagers. And if you want your children to get a slice of Thai life, then consider a trip to Chiang Mai.

Pleasing Your Picky Eater

Authentic Thai cuisine is, beyond any doubt, spicy! But that does not mean that the chefs of the land have nothing to offer to their young guests. However, remember that Thailand is a very warm place. Hence, make sure that your little ones always remain well hydrated. Fruit juice is amply available across the length and breadth of the land. But you would not like to miss sipping the water of tender coconuts that abound in the country.

Kids love the Thai-style lime juice, as well. The Thai version of omelettes, kài jee·o is somewhat oilier than that of its French counterpart. However, it is less spicy, and they are easily available. Thailand is famous for its street eateries. While visiting the stalls, you might want to give gài yâhng/tôrt (which is the Thai version of grilled chicken) a try. Supplement the chicken dish with kôw nĕe·o or sticky rice. Looking for something mild and stir-fried? Try gài pàt mét má·môo·ang, or stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts.

It Is Not All About Sleaze And Sex

Yes, Thailand is indeed a treat for those looking for some undiluted adult fun. People from all corners of the world love picking up the cute Thai girls. There are plenty of ladyboys to get up, close and personal, as well. However, with the exception of Patong, almost all areas of Thailand have well-defined sleazy areas. So if you stay away from those places, there is hardly anything to bother you. The ladyboys that you see here are nice to young children if that bothers you.

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