Best Ways To Experience Singapore The Locals See It

Singapore can be very easy to ignore when planning to visit Malaysia. It is quite small compared to the rest Malaysian cities and looks expensive from a distant look. At times it appears to be none interesting because people think they are small and with fewer fun activities compared to other quite larger cities. However, Singapore is not as you may perceive. If you are sure about what you want and exactly where you want to visit, this country is the best. It has numerous unique environment, culture, and history that can turn you on just with a single visit. Here is a list of the best ways to experience Singapore. 

1. Have a Singaporean Breakfast Any Time You Want

Believe me or not, the Singaporean breakfast is one of a kind. They provide tea in a unique and welcoming way. The most famous one is the two pieces of bread called kaya which comes in a coconut spread over. This is usually followed by the amazing cracked half boiled egg that is served with soy sauce and a cup of your favourite hot beverage to quench.

2. Singapore River

This is a very great site to visit just before you settle for your dinner. The beautiful traditional bumboats that are usually under the Singapore river cruise can take you to the best itineraries in Singapore. This allows you to explore the historic Singapore River and many other sites. You can view Celebrity’s top Cruise Dealsto find out how these cruises operate plus their costs to these beautiful Singapore itineraries.

3. Chase After Shopping Discounts and Sales

In Singapore, you can make a good purchase of almost anything with a good bargain. First, you cannot afford to ignore the beautiful signs written sale that appears red and fleshy. Besides, the flashy big shopping malls are some of the places you cannot leave Singapore without visiting. At least take a day or two afternoons walk around for the best offers. You might land on something great to showcase for your entire life.

4. Explore the Midnight Supper Spots

Singapore has a culture where they have four crucial meals in a day. These include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper. Amazingly, Singaporean never sleeps, the city is about 24/7 all day. Along the street are many beautiful eateries that are always in service overnight. Singapore has the best food ever from the chicken to naans and many more, you are guaranteed a good time at the table.

5. Drink Singaporean Water

Singapore has the safest public tap water to drink compared to many South East Asian countries. Aside from being safe, drinking this water will save you ransom as it is free. Bottled water in Singapore is quite expensive with the affordable one going for around S$2 at local stores. However, you can decide to buy one and later on refill your bottle with tap water to save money.

Overall, Singapore is a land of beauty with many natural attractions. Singapore is well developed both in the urban and various rural areas. You can then explore wherever you are and get to experience the best. The mega metropolis is famous for its skyscrapers, beautiful shopping malls, and established infrastructure. Besides, the nightlife is amazing that you don’t want to miss, visit Singapore and experience the best. 

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