Why Should Bucharest Be Your Next European Destination?

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, has steadily grown over the years to become an important Eastern European tourist destination. It is just perfect for city break holidays. Bucharest boasts numerous cultural attractions, diverse architecture, great hotels and hostels, amazing lush parks, and a proper clubbing scene. With the nickname “Little Paris”, the city has gone through a series of changes which reflect Romania’s political, economic and social evolution. Make Bucharest your next European destination for a thrilling holiday break! This hidden gem never ceases to amaze.

What to do during your Bucharest visit

There are so many fun-filled activities for everyone to engage in. From relaxing in designated vibrant green areas and experiencing various tourist attractions to learning about the history of the city, you are bound to find something you’ll enjoy.

You can take the time to have a taste of the amazing national dishes and drinks, too. Beer prices are affordable even in bustling tourists hotspots and you can also find traditional cuisine and wines here.

After taking in the city’s splendour, go ahead and try Dracula hunting or take a day trip to Sinaia, a small town that is about 90 minutes from Bucharest by train. You may even get lucky and find yourself on a cable car to enjoy the magnificent view of the countryside.

Stag do holiday in Bucharest

Bucharest may not be the first city that pops to your mind when you think of a stag do weekends but this city is, without a doubt, becoming one of the top capitals of pure bachelor fun. With an unmatched surprise factor, beautiful girls and a bustling nightlife, Bucharest rank quite high among the best stag do weekend destinations in Europe.

With about three days and two nights, you are not even expected to sleep during your stay but indulge all sorts of adrenaline-rushing, memorable activities. And Bucharest is loaded with them, such as:

  • Driving a Ferrari
  • Going skydiving
  • Going for a competitive kart race
  • Honing your targeting skills at a shooting range
  • Getting a full body massage
  • Hard-partying in popular clubs and venues
  • Chilling by the lakeside

Where to visit in Bucharest

You will uncover a lot of Bucharest history just by taking a short walk in the city’s Old Town. There are organized tours to learn all the cultural essentials or take matters into your own hands and explore the sites as your intuition guides you.

Regardless of your purpose of visiting Bucharest, there are some experiences and places that you should definitely not miss during your visit, including the Palace of the Parliament, the aforementioned Old Town, the Revolution Museum and the Village Museum in the famous park located downtown.

Enjoy the Spectacles of Bucharest city

There is no limit to the number of spectacular views and features in Bucharest. To start with, the city has an admirable mismatch of architecture. The original French-designed buildings have now been mixed with utilitarian buildings left behind from years of the communist rule.

Where to stay in Bucharest

There are many accommodation options in Bucharest. Chain hotels of all standards offer great accommodation and amenities to tourists. You can also find hostels and budget apartments around the city to suit your low-cost preferences. Whatever the case, the city has come a long way since the fall of communism back in 1989 and now boasts a myriad of accommodation choices at your convenience.

Where to eat

Bucharest houses plenty of restaurants, which offer both national and international delicacies as well as traditional meals that bring you closer to the nation’s culture and history. Locales suited for wining and dining are also popular for their authentic atmosphere and live performances. Whether you are a vegetarian or an international cuisine fan, you will definitely find a place that serves your favourite delicacy.

Having fun in Bucharest

In a literal sense, Bucharest is slowly taking up the nickname ‘the city that never sleeps’. You can find many appealing venues and indulge in entertaining activities that last long into the night. The city centre concentrates nightclubs, pubs, and terraces, which are packed with tourists and locals who are ready to hit the town. Additionally, several international festivals and concerts are held in Bucharest every year so there is definitely something for everyone.


Although Bucharest may not be as popular as other Eastern Europe destinations like Prague or Budapest, it is hard to find a more dynamic city in Europe right now. Bucharest restaurants, streets, and nightclubs pulsate with life – both day and night. The energy is contagious, people are open-hearted, and the nightlife is teeming with activity so book a plane ticket, pack your bags, and get cracking! Little Paris will not disappoint – that is a given!

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