Essential Travel Items Everyone Should Pack For An Adventure

Nothing is more fun than taking a tour of nations, countries and continents where you get to experience new people and culture. It is quite amazing to experience a new way of life and that is what makes the trip of any traveller fun and adventurous. Nonetheless, while on the trip, travellers want to benefit from the utmost level of comfort and still have adequate essential items to aid him/ her going the entire trip. This is when the major question comes in. What are the essential items to pack while travelling especially when you don’t want to over pack?

While ensuring your luggage remains simple and small, there are some essential items all traveller require to ensure their trip is comfortable. Below is a checklist of few of those things you will require to ensure your journey is relaxing, entertaining as well as adventurous. Still interested? Then read on to learn more.

Travel Documents Copies 

Just imagine you are having loads of fun far away, perhaps you are so engrossed that you don’t take note of the fact that your wallet or purse is missing till it is late. It is gone, alongside all your credit cards, cash and even your passport.

Before you head out, ensure you have a copy of your crucial documents which you can access with ease. This could be a scanned copy on your email or phone, a copy in your briefcase or a copy you leave with someone you trust back at your base who can send it to you quickly in the event of issues. This copy will ensure your travel documents can be replaced quickly at the consulate office.

Good Compact Camera

The latest Android and iPhone devices all take good pictures with cameras sporting over 10 megapixels. These pictures are only good if you don’t intend to use the camera in low light conditions and are not particular about how the pictures appear. For those who really want pictures that come out excellent, then having a good compact camera is the way to go.

These cameras offer great picture quality as well as video recording. Another feature is that they do not have the weight or occupy as much space as mirrorless or full DSLR cameras. A quick look at compact cameras from Canon can get you what you desire or you can opt for other options like Lumix.

Noise Cancelling Earbuds

A lot of people don’t know the importance of a noise cancelling earbuds mainly because they have not tried one. As soon as you try on any pair of this accessory, you will immediately understand all the buzz going on about the noise cancellation feature. A lot of travellers use these accessories without actually listening to any music since it cancels out the noise all the same.

The accessories work by sending signals to cancel out any audio signal in a room. To achieve this, the user simply turns on the noise cancellation feature. These wireless earbuds with mic are also very comfortable.

Travel first aid kit

Having a travel first aid kit can go a long way to avoid cancelling a trip halfway. Your travel first aid kit may differ from the regular first aid kits because you will need to pack in a few items which are unique to your condition. Like the regular first aid kit, it should include the likes of gauze, bandages, thermometer, and the likes.

It should also contain other items like eye drops, pain relievers, cold medicines, motion sickness pills, sunburn relief and more. Allergy medications and personal prescriptions are among the most vital items to have in this kit. This is a major reason why people usually have to cancel trips. Without the proper allergy medication and personal prescriptions, a traveller might be in danger of a health crisis in a location far away from home.

Another important item is a mosquito and insect repellant. Getting the best mosquito killer during your trip may be quite difficult so it is necessary to have a backup in your travel pack. This is where your mosquito repellant plays a vital role.

Credit Cards Contact Information

Keep a tab running for all the credit cards available in your wallet alongside the customer service numbers of the cards. This is a form of precaution in the event your card gets stolen or lost and you need to halt transactions. You may have lost the cash in your wallet, but you will be able to stop the thief from clearing out your card.

Waterproof Shoes

This is a very useful invention. Waterproof shoes are great travel companions. They come in numerous designs and they are not too pricey neither do disrupt your outfit. Waterproof shoes will ensure you remain dry even when there is a downpour. Majority of them are created using non-slip soles so you can rest easy knowing you won’t be tripping while you move.


Although individual needs vary when headed on a trip, these items above are certain to meet the requirements of any traveller who plans on going light.

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