Fun Facts About The Escape Room Game

When you are planning to play the escape room game, you must not have any doubt about the most popular past time of these days. Most people don’t know what the escape rooms are, and where they came from. Many people only think that escape rooms are very popular as well as fun activities. But more then that, people don’t know about the history and other stuff related to the Escape room. Therefore, today in this article, I am going to provide you with the Fun Facts About The Escape Room Game. Here are few epic team building activity that our company tried.

So, without wasting even a single second, let’s move further and take a look at the Fun Facts About The Escape Room Game.

Escape Rooms Are Not New

Many people consider that the escape rooms are a new and exciting concept. Well, it is exciting but let me tell you that these are not new. We are blessed with the escape room for more than a decade. Yes, these rooms first got started online. Online games such as the viral crimson room were the first ones to initiate this kind of concept and made the actual game out of it.

After a few years, in Japan, the game even became a reality. Japan was the first country to popularise the real-life escape rooms. And gradually the concept spread to the whole world. That’s how we got blessed with the most popular escape room games both online as well as in reality.

A Race Against Time And Other Players

Most people think that the escape room games are just a race against time, but they are not aware of the fact that the escape room games are not only the race against the time but also a race against other players as well. After all, everyone wants to be the first and only one time could come first. However, in the escape room games, the team is made of a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of six to seven players.

The Puzzles Are Hard

The escape rooms are specially designed to make things difficult. If it will get easy, no one would ever like to play this game, as it will become so much boring then. These difficulties are what make the game so much fun. The rooms are designed to be a huge puzzle where the teams must work together and try their best to solve all the puzzles within the specified time limit.


So, these are some of the Fun Facts About The Escape Room Game. Now as you have gained enough knowledge about the game. It is time for you to enjoy the game in an even better way. These facts about the game make the game much more interesting to play. That’s all from my side, now it is the time for you to play the game in both online as well as manual way and enjoy it to the best extent. 

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