5 Ways To Cut Down On Energy Costs Around The House

Electric bills are fickle things that change from month to month depending on your living style. All kinds of factors contribute to that price tag coming in at the end of every month and sometimes it can get to be too much. But cutting down on your electric billing isn’t necessarily hard, there are plenty of ways to do it. Some ways are easier than others, and this list is here to help show you some of the quicker methods to lower overall home electricity costs. Take a look and see how you can more easily lower your billing at the end of every month.

1. Replace Your Air Filters

Take a deep breath and you can usually tell if there are any problems with the air coming into your home. If the air is dried out or dirty, then the problem can usually be traced back to issues with the air filters. These filters have the important job of cleaning up incoming airflow free of any irritants that may find their way into your home. Luckily, the filters work constantly but that also means that they will eventually become dirtier over time. Dirty air filters block airflow and that causes a strain on your systems that lead to an increase in energy usage. You can easily avoid this problem by just replacing the old air filters with new ones.

2. Unplug Your Electronics

Little known fact, your electronics are using energy even when they not being actively used or charged. So long as they stay plugged in, they draw in power and act as a problem for your household. Avoid this issue by just unplugging electronics when they are not in use and regulating the electronics that cannot be unplugged. The energy draws an HVAC system has on your home can be massive and can easily get away from you when you aren’t looking. A regulator can keep the HVAC at a steady temperature that matches your bare minimum requirements that you set, shaving off a bit more from your billing.

3. Rework Your Laundry Process

When you are doing your laundry, there is are several ways to refine the process so that you can get it done more efficiently. First off, fill your machines fully, or at least as fully as you can. It’s a simple fact that less your machines are used, the smaller your energy bill will be. So by using the machines to their fullest, you will be able to clean more and use the machines less. If you can, use cold water too in order to avoid needing the system to heat the water. You may even go so far as to line dry the clothes naturally and forego the use of the dryer entirely.

4. Find Alternative Ways to Cool Down or Warm Up

When the weather outside starts changing, in this case for worse, we often rely on our HVAC heating systems to make up the temperature difference. When you avoid doing this, you can see a significant shave come off of your energy billing. So when it is hot, open some windows or install a ceiling fan to more naturally allow the airflow to cool your home. When it is cold, bundle up and try to use your heater as little as possible.

5. Keep Your Home Repaired

One of the easier energy draws to miss is the problems that come with leaks or openings that open up throughout a home’s lifetime. You want to avoid these by repairing the little parts of the home like seals or baseboards. The less air that leaks out, the less work and energy your systems use to regulate the temperature.

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