Top 5 Eccentric Gadgets To Make Your Everyday Life A Little Less Intricate

We are living in an incredibly advanced and fast-paced civilization where time is a royal luxury no one can afford to snub out on.  Every micro-seconds saved is a precious span of duration that allows you to utilize it on something more advantageous and productive as well. This is precisely where the convenience and the advanced technology of modern-day gadgets come into play. Technological gadgets might have made us a little too sluggish than what we would typically like to confess, but, the superior nature of convenience they offer is undeniable as well.

Lifestyle gadgets do not necessarily make us lethargic or rusty so much as they improve our time management aspect and enhance our everyday working efficiency by a substantial magnitude. This makes the practical application of such life-tech gadgets extremely crucial and unquestionable as well. is one such gadget-specific website that offers ridiculous deals on some amazing and idiosyncratic gadgets every day, making it easier for you to get in possession of one.

1. Fever Patrol Touchless Thermometer

Making sure your kids maintain their ideal body temperature is one of the key procedures to ensure you keep them safe from any potential future threats. However, running around with a physical thermometer is probably not the smartest or a patient venture to undertake. You don’t have to keep forcing your kids to open their mouth or look for strategic spots to check their body temperature manually.

The infrared laser technology on the touchless thermometer gadget allows you to monitor the accurate body temperature by simply pointing the laser in direction to the target person. This provides an extremely simple and pain-free technique to take the body temperature of your kids to ensure they maintain their ideal healthy temperature.

2. BriteGrip Flashlight Gloves

If you have been stuck trying to fix your car or crawled under the sink to investigate the root source of pipe leakage, you have a clear concept of how inconvenient holding a bulky torchlight can be. Your fingers constantly come in the way of obstructing the vision provided by the torch, making it impossible for you to both hold the torch and inspect the micro-region of the target area as well.

A flashlight glove is truly one of the simplest, yet absurdly functional gadgets that can make those frustrating projects extremely easy and straightforward. A flashlight glove, as apparent by its name incorporates a LED light directly onto a hand glove making it easier for you to perform any specific task without the inconvenience of using an extra flashlight. It is particularly ideal for performing any type of repairs in limited lighting conditions.

3. ArcStrike USB Charged Lighter

Traditional lighters provide an exceptional advantage over its matchstick counterparts, but that does not necessarily make them an optimally efficient fire-initiating apparatus. You still have to deal with the limited gas that comes along with it, and sometimes they can run out on you at the most opportune time as well.

This is where the funky innovation of a USB chargeable lighter comes into play. Instead of running on non-biodegradable fuel/ gas to produce fire, a USB lighter performs the equivalent task by depending on the most abundant and eco-friendly fuel-electricity. You can simply put it to charge and use it for as long as you require and repeat the same process if it runs out of battery. Apart from this unique mechanism, they are also 100% waterproof and windproof as well, making them extremely ideal for any type of outdoor usage.

4. Remote Control Mop

If you are tired of breaking your back mopping every microscopic corner around your house, this extremely absurd, yet highly practical remote control mop is your choice of poison. Much like how your kids play around with their remote-controlled toys throughout the entire day, you can ensure optimal cleanliness of your house while sitting comfortably on your couch. Of course, technology has brought us an automatic vacuum in the form of Roomba, but, not everybody has the luxury to afford such bleeding-edge technology.

Remote control mop works identically to such automatic vacuuming/ mopping gadgets and offers equivalent efficiency as well. But, they, of course, come with a much cheaper price tag.

5. AquaNotes

If popular myths are to be believed, a lot of unique and breakthrough ideas seem to take shape while one is in the bathroom. In fact, this strange phenomenon gave rise to one of the most popular and frequently used English word, “Eureka.” If you happen to belong to that unique category of people whose creative side of the cerebrum seems to come alive when you are in the shower, AquaNotes is your ideal life-saving (aka, idea-saving) gadget.

As the name suggests, these notes are water-friendly and can be fixed onto the walls, so you don’t have to run out to grab a pen and paper, or even worse, let your creative epiphany go down the drain.

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