8 Smart Tips To Earn Money From Blogging

You have heard a lot about blogging and perhaps you even have a list of blogs that you follow quite ardently. Watching a blog grow and expand, sometimes tends to give some people major goals about starting their own blog and monetising it to receive benefits from it. While it is no difficult task to actually start a blog, you might be interested to know some ways how you may earn some money off your blog. Coming straight from the experts at assignment Help Perth is these essential tips, which can help you make some money from your blog.

Tips to make money from your blog

As you might have expected, here are some of the best tips in the recent day, which can help you make money from your blog. They have been arranged and ranked in the order of their popularity.

Use Affiliate marketing

As simple as it can get, affiliate marketing is all about recommending a product on your blog. Simply stated, you get paid for promoting or recommending a particular product on your website and when a customer clicks on the link to that product, from your website, you get paid in terms of a certain percentage or a flat rate, as compensation for driving sales to the particular product. The most common example of affiliate marketing are bloggers who write product reviews and get paid if someone purchases a particular product, after reading their review.

Google AdSense

The good old AdSense is one of the easiest ways to start monetising your blog. Every other internet Ad that you view is that of Google AdSense, which can be signed up for. After this, Google AdSense begins displaying relevant ads for your website. As a result, you will get paid when someone clicks the ad and makes a purchase or if someone merely views the ad.

Taking up sponsored posts from companies

Did you know that there are ample companies out there, who will pay you to write about them? If your blog receives a decent amount of traffic, you might even be able to receive the privilege of hosting sponsored posts. Sponsors are always on the lookout for such opportunities and you can make the most of these opportunities by advertising your blog or using a page to drive traffic to your blog. This way, it will be easier for companies to find you and connect with you for such sponsored posts.

Use display ads

Besides AdSense, there are a number of networks, which allow you to add a code to your site and display ads. Some of the good alternative options to consider in this regard are Media.net, Criteo, and volumetric. These tools allow you to display ads on your website, which can then be used to drive commissions.

Selling ads to advertisers

One of the ways in which you can increase the earrings from your blog is to have more control over your ads and removing any middlemen in the process. You can create an advertising page for this purpose that gives out the details about your blog, including your traffic insights. Then, using WordPress plugins, you can manage these ads and avoid paying the cut to any middlemen in between. Some of the good options to consider for this purpose are AdRotate and Ads Pro Plugin.

Choose a digital product to sell

So far, we have gone through the concept of affiliate marketing, which involves selling a product of another company but what if you could create your own digital product and pitch it to be sold to an audience? It would take some time and effort for sure but holds a promise for worthy returns as well. You can market the product through your blog easily for huge returns.

Choosing to become a freelance blogger

If you are already fond of blogging and are open to writing blogs for others, you can advertise yourself through your blog and attract an audience. You can put up an advertisement or use your writing as a pitch to attract people, who might be willing to pay you for writing blogs for them. There are many people who search for freelance bloggers in this manner and you could be one to get hired.

Create an E-course: This one is pretty similar to the last one, except for the fact that in this case, you create your own E-course. Experts at accounting homework help consider this to be one of the best ways to monetise your blog. Just think up of a niche at which you are expert and then, start offering a course in it, to your readers. You will be surprised at the number of people who wish to take your course and learn your skill.

As per experts at assignment writing, these are some of the most valid and relevant tips that you can use to monetise your blog for good. While some of them are quite easy to follow, others are still a bit challenging but it all depends on how exactly you pitch your skills and make the most of the opportunity in your favour. Following these tips can surely help you generate a sizeable revenue from your blog, in no time and in good measure.

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