Get Those Dream-like Longer Tresses With These Simple Hacks

Whether you are waiting for your hair to grow out or have recently suffered hair loss, sometimes you just don’t have the patience to get your ideal hair length. You need them long and you need it now. From using one piece hair extensions to cutting them in layers, there are many styling tricks and hacks that can give your hair an instant makeover to a longer, fuller mane. Here is some inside knowledge from stylists on the right cut and technique to get those luscious locks. Let’s get started:

1. Go for a silken finish

Yes, we love those loose, wavy, dreamy locks too. But curves tend to shorten your overall length. One of the oldest tricks in the book is to wear your hair with a poker straight finish to add some inches to it.

Fortunately, silky straight hair is all the rage even on the catwalks. Think runway straight – completely kink-free and silky.

For pin-straight hair, divide your hair into smaller sections and start straightening from the bottom layers right up to the top. Glide the flat iron only a few times over each section to avoid over drying your hair.  And remember to add a moisture-rich treatment to your routine.

2. Use one piece hair extensions from Gee Hair

Hair extensions are all the rage now. And rightfully so. With a clip on hair extensions or a one piece hair extension from a brand like Gee Hair, you can get an instant makeover. Don’t be shy of buying extensions. So rock those Rapunzel-like locks with an instant hack.

Of course, invest in good quality extensions.   They are every bit worth the investment. Do your research on what type of extensions will work for you and the colour you prefer.  Our pick is the multiway weft one piece hair extension from Gee Hair, made from 100% human hair.

3. Layered look

To create the optical illusion of both volume and length, the right hairstyle and cut can go a long way.

Of course, It is the skill of the hairdresser that creates this magical illusion and make short hair appear longer.  For instance, by using face framing layers, the stylist can add more volume and bounce to your hair – which in turn can make your hair look longer.

In the same way, hair-cuts such as the blunt cut truly display the real length of the hair and you should stay away from these if long hair is something you want.

4. Use centre parting 

One of the simplest stylings hacks to create the illusion of length? Try a centre parting. This hack works wonders for women who have round or oval shaped faces because it gives the illusion of length.

But no need to make it part exactly in the centre. You can make your part slightly off-centre about ¼ inch off centre on the side of your eye to give more balance to your look.

5. Do the double ponytail

The double ponytail is an easy trick that gives an instant makeover by adding the illusion of length. Here’s how to do it:

Divide your hair into a top and a bottom section. Gather the top part into a medium high length ponytail and secure it.

Now gather the rest of your hair into a separate ponytail that sits right underneath the first one. You might need bobby pins to even it out a bit. DOn’t fret if it looks weird at first. Once you smooth it over and blend the two ponytails you will be surprised to see the ultra-long mane that looks absolutely beautiful.

6. Master the half up top knot

Separate the top section of your hair and tie it up into a ponytail. Now twist your hair around the base and secure the top knot with pins. This will help emphasize the length of the bottom layer and is a fairly easy hairstyle to pull off.

With these tricks and tips, you can give your hair an instant makeover and make them appear longer than they are.

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