What Are the Items You Can Donate To A Charity?

Giving feels good as receiving. That’s why we should form the habit of giving. But when it comes to donating to charity, there are a few restrictions on what you are allowed to donate. Before you give, research on your favourite charity and find out what they accept and what they don’t. To help you have the best donation experience, this article gives you a general guide of some of the things that can be donated to charity. They include:

1. Financial donations

One of the simplest ways to donate to a charity is through a monetary donation. You can make a financial donation to your favorite charity by credit card or check. If you want to reduce your tax burden through donations, you should keep track of what you are donating. Contact the charity and see what works best for them regarding payment. If you have some doubts, it would be best to use a check instead of a credit card.

2. Clothing

Clothes donations are the most common types of charitable donations. They not only offer you an opportunity to give back to the community; but they also help you to declutter your home. It’s worth mentioning that not all charities accept clothing donations. However, there are others who will take a wide range of clothing items. Some of the clothing items include tops, jeans, pants, skirts, shorts, jackets, coats, dresses, hats, and socks. If you have these kinds of clothing that you no longer want but they are in good condition, you can donate them now.

3. Shoes and bags

Charitable organizations that accept clothing items will also accept shoes and bags. You can donate winter boots, sandals, etc. you can donate a wide variety of shoes. That will benefit a lot of people, especially during winter seasons. For bags, they can be school backpacks or luggage bags.

4. Books

Books are also excellent for donations. Books can help people to escape from reality now and then. There are charities that do not accept books, but there are others who will gladly receive those books sitting untouched on your shelves. The books can range from encyclopedias to kid’s books.

5. Kitchenware

You can also donate kitchenware. The kitchenware includes plates and bowls, small teaspoons, and large pots and pans. You can also donate cups, glasses, serving trays, etc. If you are planning to get some new kitchenware; you can donate the old ones first.

6. Linens

Linens include blankets, sheets, comforters, tablecloths, towels, etc. Before you get rid of that blanket, wash it and check if it’s still in good condition for donation. Charities desperately need blankets during cold weather.  If you are able to, consider giving blankets to charities.

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