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The education system of Singapore, according to most estimates has been internationally recognized as one of the world’s best, and this didn’t happen overnight. It is the outcome of years of consistent, dynamic, and practical policy actions since the country gained its independence in 1965. Today’s entire educational scenario in Singapore in more advanced than ever. Technology and digital education have played a crucial role in propelling the country’s education system to be the most advanced ones in terms of educational infrastructure.

Technology In Education

Compared to ten years ago, the level of integration of technological developments in education is unprecedented. Many education providers, including tuition centers, are relying heavily on technology to deliver courses and lessons to students, especially in the Western schools. Internet-enabled devices such as laptops, smartphones, and iPads, have become prevalent in classrooms allowing students to access information in real-time.  It’s crystal clear that technology in education has resulted in a massive paradigm shift on how students learn, which has given birth to the concept of digital learning.

Educationists have hailed technology to be the most compelling new tool in education. Furthermore, technology has also made it easier for students to have an education. Students don’t necessarily have to be physically present in the classrooms or require teachers to teach them. The internet has become a source of knowledge with hundreds of educational websites and online tutorials that are helping students in all aspects of education.

Blended Learning Is The Rising Trend In Digital Learning

Blended learning is a new trend of education that combines both traditional and technological approaches to learning. Here teachers interact with the students while technology is used for instructions. Technology takes the front seat in blended learning, and many are using this form of learning as the most approachable and effective implementation of technology in schools. For example, the teachers will provide personalized instructions to students, and students can go online for more educational content. This ensures that students have sufficient knowledge that is needed to do well in other subjects.

However, it is imperative that whatever the students learn online should be aligned to what they learn in class. Therefore, teachers must tell their students what websites and software they should be interacting with when not in class. This is a big task, no arguing that, and as there isn’t any solid research on the effectiveness of blended learning, most learners are failing to take advantage of it.

Personalized Learning Method

Personalized learning is another attempt to assimilate technology into education. This method of learning requires students to have a learner profile that details their goals, strengths, and shortcomings. Furthermore, students are needed to document the individual learning paths that will allow them to set their personal and academic goals. The progression is based on competency, and this helps them to master the subjects they’re studying. This approach is much effective because the students are taking advantage of a method that both facilitate their growth as well as in the achievements of their predetermined personal and academic goals.

1-to-1 Computing Approach

The introduction of 1-to-1 computing has been fruitful to make the integration of technology in education success. Of course, this is because there are a variety of modern educational tools in the market for teachers for use in the classrooms. Students, on the other hand, will benefit tremendously from using the devices to access more personalized learning materials created by their teachers. There are some specific objectives to achieve in this type of education.

Firstly, personalized content will give students more freedom to learn at their own speed. Second, it allows students to perform complex tasks and projects as they delve deeper into the technical aspects of the software and other online tools. The material will also enhance the communication between students, teachers, as well as the parents.

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