Digital Parenting Practices – Parental Control App To Raise Teens In Digital Era

Raising a child in this digital age is not less than a challenge. Particularly when children are in their pre-teens and teens, they are inclined to exhibit behaviour which is entirely dissimilar than their customary conduct. The changes can be overnight or gradual but leave parents duelling exasperatingly over how to deal with these alterations. 

Teens are ferociously protective of their privacy and tend to get easily defensive on the issue if parents keep scrutinizing about their actions, whereabouts or hangouts constantly. A digital parental control app and the features it proposes can be utterly beneficial to keep a check and balance about your teen’s activities without gaining the ‘bad cop’ image in your teen’s eye. These parental control apps which are specially developed to help reduce the agony of parents have managed to become immensely hyped among smart parents, one such app is Family Time Parental Control App.

FamilyTime Parental Control App

This parental control app is your best guide to trouble-free smart parenting. Being a parent, you can relate to the feeling of being agonized over your child’s behaviour, safety and well-being. It doesn’t only give you access to the location of your child but also lets you have an authority to manage which programs and applications you want to allow them to use or which you want to be blocked.

What are the features of Family Time Parental Control App?

  • Hassle-free allocation of screen time to your child, by restricting the use of their mobile phones during specific times. This can be done easily through auto-screen lock feature that helps parents schedule auto screen locks on their kids’ devices at any given time on kids’ phone on a regular basis.
  • This parental control app is your best friend and works as your agent by keeping you informed every time your teens over-speed their cars.
  • An exceptionally valuable application which lets you track the location of your teens, satisfying both safety and parenting concerns.
  • Beneficial in wisely controlling your teens, by blocking certain apps you don’t want them to explore.
  • Vigilant about your child’s security, your child can send you a prompt indication in case of any danger.
  • Allows parents to supervise the web experience of their kids with iTunes Content Filters
  • Guards your children from anyone you don’t want them to interact with, you can easily Watchlist any suspicious contact available on their phone and get informed when that Watchlisted contact tries to have an interaction with your child.

Benefits of Family Time Parental Control App

  • Tremendously wary of your child’s safety and security.
  • Keeps your teen’s innocence preserved by blocking suspicious apps.
  • Helps your child fight the usual mobile phone addiction many teens face nowadays, by limiting their screen time.
  • User-friendly, easy to use.
  • Makes your life stress-free, by letting you know the frequent check-ins of your child.

Wait! There Is More

The Family Time parental control app takes special care of keeping your child’s data confidential and secure. Just one account lets you manage many different devices. You can give access to multiple people, i.e. your spouse or other trusted well-wishers of your child in case you are busy or in a meeting.

If these features attract you, go get the app and say hello to some relief as a parent. You can get the 3 days trial version of this app to explore all these and a bundle of features yourself.

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