Why Businesses Need Digital Marketing in Singapore

In a world where most people spend the majority of their time glued to their computer and smartphone screens, it only makes sense for smart brands to reach out to their customers through digital means. In fact, these days, a website, blog and social media presence are non-negotiable if you want to successfully compete in any industry. Not only that, but we’re continuing to see year-on-year growth in online engagement and time spent on the internet. Digital marketing offers better opportunities for creativity and versatility, which has levelled the playing field for both small and big companies. Looking for actual reasons why you should choose a Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore over more traditional methods? Read on. 


1. It Appeals to Singapore Mobile Consumers

Research shows that a large majority of the population keeps their smartphone on hand at all times. So if your business invests in digital marketing, you’ll be able to reach your target customer anytime and anywhere.

2. Helps Convert Traffic Into Sales

Just having a website is usually not enough to drive sales. Sure, your website might have a decent amount of traffic coming through each month but without digital marketing, you won’t be able to turn that traffic into sales. This phenomenon is known as conversion and refers to what happens when site visitors turn into loyal customers.

3. Levels the Playing Field

As we mentioned before, digital marketing has really levelled the playing field for businesses to the point that SMEs are now able to compete head-to-head with large multinationals. That’s because unlike normal brick-and-mortar shops that struggle to survive due to big box stores, it’s much easier for an online retail site to survive and even thrive despite its size. In fact, small-to-medium enterprises have demonstrated an ability to even command a higher market share in the online space than they would be able to with a physical location.

4. Makes the Company More Trustworthy

Studies show that most consumers start by checking customer reviews and ratings before they buy a product or service. Meanwhile, websites that appear on the first page of web search results are often seen as more reliable and trustworthy than those that appear on the second or third page etc.

What this shows us is that with the right digital marketing strategy, any business can attract more customers through smart web design and great digital marketing campaigns. What you may want to do is to create a positive movement around your brand that will leave a good impression on both potential and existing customers.

5. More Cost–Effective

If there’s a way to cut costs, then you can bet that the average business owner will find it. The good news is that digital marketing offers a way to spend less money and increase your bottom line without sacrificing anything.

That’s because, in Singapore, digital marketing is much cheaper than taking an ad out in a magazine, newspaper, billboard or a bus. Plus, these traditional marketing mediums are almost extinct as people tend to spend more of their time engaging with their digital devices than with traditional media.

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