Mistakes People Make When Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

No business likes to make mistakes, especially when it comes to marketing. The decisions that are made on a daily basis could influence the success of a business. Digital marketing has become one of the key driving pillars for a successful business. Working with a digital marketing agency can make or break your business. There are some mistakes that people make when working with such agencies and we’re going to highlight some of them.

Going For the Cheapest Digital Marketing Agency

Price is always going to be a major challenge for a lot of businesses. Even though you might be operating on a budget, going for the cheapest agency could end up hurting your business. You could also end up damaging your brand in the eyes of potential customers if the services provided are not up to mark. A good agency should be enhancing your brand presence and not damaging it. It is crucial that you’re setting aside a reasonable budget when searching for a digital marketing agency.

Not Going for a Full-service Agency

There are agencies that specialize in only one aspect of digital marketing. It could be social media or PPC advertising. You don’t want to be looking for different agencies for the different services when you can get them all in one place. All the different services are supposed to work in cohesion. Make sure to ask for a demo before working with an agency so that it is clear what you’re getting from the onset. A full-service agency will handle every aspect of digital marketing. They will provide guidance on where to concentrate the focus after analyzing your business.

Reaching out to an Agency Without a Goal

You need to identify the goals you intend to achieve with digital marketing before you start shopping for an agency. When you don’t have a goal, you might find yourself paying for services that are unnecessary. Most agencies will want to make maximum profit on your behalf. They will recommend that you use all their services for maximum exposure. Have a goal in mind before starting to look for a digital marketing agency. You’re the best person to know what is good for your business. The agency should align its service offering to your vision and not the other way round.

Not Working with a Budget

You need to set aside a specific amount for digital marketing. When you work with a budget, there is more accountability. A business that cares about growth will have a marketing budget. You will have to determine the amount that goes to digital marketing. Setting a budget will ensure that you’re not overspending.

Not Getting a Plan

The agency that you intend to work with should come up with a plan. If it is a full-service agency, they should explain how they’ll be handling the different platforms. The timelines will need to be clearly stipulated and what is to be achieved with the different phases.

Not Checking Reputation

It is recommended that you’re researching the reputation of the firm before you decide to work with them. You might be surprised to find out that the digital agency has a reputation for being unreliable. Reviews on the company’s website should be taken with a grain of salt as they can be faked. You should be looking at websites like BBB and Yelp where it is hard to manipulate the review system. Take note of how the company responds to complaints from customers. It will be an indication of the kind of service you can expect from the digital marketing agency.

Going for an Agency Because They’re Local

There is no direct correlation between success and choosing a local digital marketing agency. You should never feel limited geographically when working with a digital marketing agency. As much as face-to-face meetings are important, it is not necessary for a results-based industry. Technology has made it easy for businesses and clients to interact seamlessly and in real-time. When you expand your search, you can get to work with some of the best agencies like Driven Web Services that provide good rates for their work.


The success of your digital marketing efforts will entirely depend on the agency that you’re working with. That is why it is important to do your homework before putting anything to pen and paper. The agency that you intend to work with should have a proven track record of providing results-based and successful digital marketing services for their clients. 

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