Must Go-To Places For Desserts In Singapore

Singapore is a small island but it is one of the leading places in tourist attraction with statistics showing over 18 million tourists toured Singapore in 2018. There many things and places that attract people to Singapore but one of the main attraction is food and different delicacies available. Singapore gives a unique opportunity to visitors to eating all the way due to the availability of many food stalls which serve food on the street and high-end world famous restaurants.

Singapore dessert is one of the best which range from cakes, pastries, and dishes borrowed from different cultures. One thing a person cannot fail to do is to have a taste of Singapore dessert in one the famous spot. The following are some of a must go to cake shops in Singapore.

Cat & the fiddle

Cat & the fiddle is one of the spots where one can enjoy the variety of best cakes in Singapore. The cheesecake comes with a diversity of flavours like Milo Dinosaur, Mao Shan Wang Durian which is popular in Singapore. A person can shop online for any kind of dessert on the menu and have it delivered at their doorstep for convenience shopping. Cat & the fiddle is a highly rated place with several awards in their basket and it is surely a must place to visit for the delicious dessert in Singapore.

2 Am: dessert bar

As its name suggest this is the place a person gets to enjoy the favourite dessert even late at night as this place is opened until late

hours of the night. The menu consists of chocolate tarts, melon yoghurt ice, and sweet potato dessert and tiramisu dishes. All items that a person wishes to order on the menu comes with a drink and this a place to for a dessert.

Sunday Folks

Sunday Folks gives a feeling of a person spending Sundays relaxing and sipping the favourite drink throughout the week. The dessert is prepared

with great care to give a high class finished product that stands out among another dessert in the area. The cakes are of different flavours like lemon lavender, chocolate cognac ganache, and Japanese matcha. They also offer a popular soft serve ice cream in the shape of a cone or top of a waffle.


This is a spot where one gets to enjoy delicious French dessert and top-rated artistic cakes which are available in small and full sizes. The

menu offers appetizing dishes like mousses tarts, macarons with chocolates of different flavor like sesame praline. Antoinette is the place to visit to enjoy the best dessert from the renowned patissier chef Pang Kok Keong.

The Dark Gallery

The Dark Gallery offers the best chocolate dessert which includes artisanal ice cream, frozen mores which are prized for their high cacao content. For the lovers of chocolate dessert, ice cream and drinks this is a place to visit.

There are many different dessert places that a person can get to visit in Singapore depending on one budget and the type of menu one prefer.

Most of the dessert in Singapore from different culture ranging from Europe, Asia and the local culture in Singapore.

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