Creative Ideas To Make Your T-shirts Look Good

T-shirts are pretty cool. We can wear them to almost anywhere, even to formal occasions when mixed with a jacket. While a number of people still love to pair their plain tees with denim, some designers are now coming up with creative ideas to do more to what a t-shirt has to offer. You can do stunning things with a basic t-shirt. Paint, dye and cut it into how you like with the help of instructional videos. You can transform your t-shirts into a thing of beauty and change the trend. Here are some of the creative ideas to make your t-shirts look good:

1. Customising Your T-shirt

You can customise shirts to not only give them a personal touch but also to stand out among others. Here are some ideas:

Print Pictures

First, you need to plan the design you want on your t-shirt. You can use custom colours, your own photo, animated pictures and so much more! Printing customised designs is a difficult task so have an expert designer do it for you.

Vertical V-Shape Cuts

This method transforms the entire shirt and you don’t even need to have great sewing ability to do so. If you happen to have one t-shirt that is made of truly comfortable material then you can pick it up, and make a vertical cut along the neck area all the way down to the back-end of your shirt into a long V-shape. In the end, get rid of the sleeves to have the ultimate freestyle and unique look.

Sew With Another Shirt

You can take two t-shirts and sew them together reflecting a double shade. However, it requires exceptional tailoring skills because you’d be placing one t-shirt inside the other and with correct measurements and accuracy you can accomplish sewing a single t-shirt that gives off a unique look. However, it is best to let it a professional do this for you.

2. Pair Up Your Tshirts

You can wear your t-shirts along with contrasting vests to give a freestyle look. You can either choose to keep the vest the same size as the t-shirt or you can keep it short, whichever style suits you. You can also wear a t-shirt on top of a long skirt and tuck the t-shirt in. It is highly comfortable. You can enhance the look by wearing a lavish ring and wrist watch along with it.

Pairing a t-shirt with a jacket also gives off an attractive look. You can either have a contrasting combination or keep them both of the same colours.

3. Rock a T-shirt with Jeans

Nothing goes best with a t-shirt than jeans. Dark blue jeans go hand in hand with any colour of your t-shirt, not to forget your perfect black boots to enhance the combination. However, avoid baggy jeans because you don’t want to keep pulling your pants up every minute, plus baggy jeans look awful with t-shirts.

4. A Plain T-shirt With Floral Sleeves

We often see T-shirts that have prints on them. If you wish to look unique then having patterns of flora printed on your sleeves will fulfil the demand. Floral patterns look amazing with plain shirts and enhance the colour too.  You can either have full sleeves or half sleeves, patterned with flora. You can also choose to have floral pattern embroidered onto your t-shirt rather than the sleeves. But this time, make sure to keep the sleeves plain to trigger the contrasting element. 


Fashion trend keeps on changing but t-shirts are a never ending trend because they are always evolving with new designs and styles. No matter what your body type is, you can cut and customise the t-shirt according to your liking and even have various amazing prints and pictures screened onto them.

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