Create Fun Memories With Special Cupcakes

Cakes are no longer the only star at parties. Folks these days are experimenting with cupcakes too.  You would be surprised that there are now cupcakes for all occasions, such as weddings, official meetings, birthday parties, baby showers, bachelorette, etc. Cupcakes are getting more popular because they are easy to eat, create less mess, come in several variations, and can be customised for each individual. Bakers and confectioners are becoming increasingly skilful with their creations these days and the cupcakes aren’t limited to just regular shapes.

History Of Cupcakes:

Cupcakes first started when people experimented with baking cakes in small teacups in hearths. They soon gain popularity because they are relatively easier to bake without getting burnt and take a significantly less time to cool.  Cupcakes were baked using a standard cup to measure the ingredients, and hence the name. Vanilla and chocolate are the traditional flavours of the cupcakes before bakers started trying out new flavours. Some of the more commonly baked flavours these days are Raspberry meringue, espresso fudge, etc. Cupcakes are easy to pick and munch on, making the birthday cupcakes very sought after by folks these days.

Cupcakes Variations:

The unique part of baking cupcakes is the way they are decorated. Cupcakes were traditionally decorated with a simple swirl of the icing on top of it. Today, cupcakes are elaborately furnished to suit various themes and events. Mocha cupcake can be topped with icing and coffee beans while pineapple flavoured cupcake can have pieces of pineapple as the topping. The variations of the birthday cupcakes can be as follow – A cake in a mug, frosted cupcakes, cake ball, basket of flowers with cupcakes or a turtle of cupcakes.

Cupcake Toppings And Decorations:

The decorative features of the cupcakes include the toppings. There are many ways in which the toppings can be added to the birthday cupcakes, to make it look attractive and appetising. Some of the more common toppings are chocolate shavings, choco chips, shredded coconut, fresh fruits, choc glaze and even Oreo cookies!

Cupcakes For Birthday Parties

Cupcake birthday cake is the growing trend amongst youngsters these days. Birthday parties are no longer restricted to the boring cakes in different shapes and designs. Assorted cupcakes with decorations and toppings for the birthday are the latest trend.

The birthday cupcakes delivered in a special box to ensure that the icing and the toppings don’t get smudged. Many people prefer to have the cupcake topped with icing stating “happy birthday” and the name of the birthday boy or the girl.

Cupcakes For Weddings:

The latest trend in the market these days is the wedding cupcakes . People are choosing the wedding theme and decide upon the cake accordingly. The tiered cakes at weddings are the most popular ones. A different transformation of the tiered wedding cakes is having tiers of cupcakes with the topmost layer being a small cake. The cupcakes are decoratively placed on the cake stand, with tiers. The cake stand will also be as per the theme of the wedding.

Cupcakes For Baby Shower:

A baby shower is a time when the expectant mother is bombarded with gifts, blessings, etc. to celebrate motherhood. It is an excellent way to organise a baby shower and celebrate the coming of the baby with cupcakes. Any celebration would be incomplete without a dessert. Amongst all the desserts and sweets, cakes and cupcakes are the most popular ones.

From flowers to gifts, and presents, one of the focal parts of the celebration is the baby shower cupcakes and cakes. Many people have the gender reveal cupcakes, with blue cupcakes for boys, and pink for girls. Cupcakes are also decorated with tiny baby faces, baby strollers, feeding bottles, baby clothing, etc.

Cupcake Delivery options:

Ordering the birthday cake and cupcakes online is the popular trend these days. There are a plethora of choices available on the internet. Today, people don’t have to run to a bakery, check the various options and place an order. Almost everything can be done at the convenience of the mobile phone.

There are many cupcake delivery options. You can benefit from the same day delivery option, free home delivery, etc. The websites also offer additional features to be delivered along with the cupcakes such as flowers, candles, and the cake cutting knife.

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