Cosmo Zero Massage Chair – High-tech Recovery For Tired Muscles

As an active individual toggling between many fitness programs like spinning and high-intensity training, I only recently became aware of the benefits of post-exercise recovery for my body. Without the recovery time, my muscles would not grow or work as effectively.

Cosmo Zero Massage Chair – Comprehensive Massage Capabilities For Every Need

I found a massage chair to be the best and most convenient option for me to solve the issue of recovery. I was able to get the Cosmo Zero Massage Chair which provides a comprehensive full-body session. It has more than 20 programs, 5 massage styles and many features. My favourite massage position is the sports recovery massage. On top of this, they have slimming massage, sleep massage, lumbar massage and much more.

Specifically, the kneading style is perfectly suited to my needs. It soothes tension in my muscles which helps to prevent injuries during my spinning and HIT workout. I feel like my muscle soreness is gone or at least greatly decreased the following day after I use the massage chair.

I also love that it comes with a sound system, LED touchpad and wireless charging so that I can watch my K-Dramas or listen to music as I am getting the massage. That is multitasking at its best! Experiential music therapy actually helps alleviate discomfort by lowering blood pressure and heart rate to get you in a nice relaxed state.

Out of the few massage chairs and devices, I have tried, the quality of the Cosmo chair is one of the finest. They used the latest massage technology like iTouchRollers to replicate the feeling of human hands, and they do it amazingly well.

Cosmo Zero Massage Chair – Comfort & Aesthetics 

Other than its cool features, I was impressed by the look and feel of the Cosmo Zero Massage Chair. There is currently only one colour, which is black with a Cosmo created PU leather finish. However black is a colour that usually doesn’t go wrong and matches easily with other furniture in my house. The Comfy-Pedic Pillow is also made in the same smooth material. It is comfortable enough that even if I am not using the chair for its massage purposes, I can still enjoy lounging in it.

I would highly recommend folks who are active in sports to give this massage chair a try. I have found that after using the Cosmo Zero Massage Chair for just 30-minutes post-workout, I feel more re-energized the next day and suffer less from muscle soreness or strains.

Cosmo offers a free 30-minute trial at the showroom so you can test this out for yourself. Happy Massaging!

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