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21 Things Every College Student Needs

College is a stressful time in general. We all know how much responsibility lies on the shoulders of students. Unfortunately, some people are not ready for this change at this age. Compared to high school, your life becomes more complicated. It’s always important to find time to rest, feel comfortable in a place where you live and have someone type my essay with best authors. All these new college dorm rooms, subjects, people and research essay make a student life hectic and confusing. However, you may be surprised to hear how even the smallest of them affect the everyday routine of a young person. You might need someone to write my essay if you want to properly focus on it.

“College is indeed a very stressful and busy time for a lot of people. With that being said it is important to take into account some of things you may need in order to take care of yourself during college. May it be from overworking yourself from school and work or thinking of student debt and bankruptcy, it is important that you are allotting yourself enough time for sleep, as your mental health can sometimes rely on that”. Stated by Ben Tejes, CEO and Co-founder of Ascend Finance, known for its means test calculator.

Managing all these tasks is a bit tricky during the college years, but we are here to help. We have chosen 21 things for students to improve three main aspects of a happy life in college: studying, living in a dorm, and a fun time. All of them can be used on a daily basis and are meant to serve students even later in life. Many students already have some of them while others are a bit rarer but possible to gain. We hope this list by will cover all needs you, as a student, may have and make your life easier.

1. Sleep mask

A sleep mask should take the first place among college necessities as one of the few things that can really improve your sleep. Those following four/five years are going to be tough and you’ll need as much rest as you can get. Besides, noisy roommates and a crazy schedule almost always find a way to make sleeping the most elusive thing in the world. So this thing will help you have a better sleep.

2. Planner

Can a student live without a planner? Yes. But it would be difficult to manage all these numerous tasks, classes, and a ton of other activities every student has. So, buying a good planner is the best way to effectively manage your time and have some free hours for friends and rest.

3. Bedside shelf

A college dorm list should always include some necessities to put your stuff on. There is always not enough room when you have to share a living space. So, bedside shelves will give you extra room and make the room look cosier. Besides, you’ll always need them later in life.

4. Dorm decorations

Speaking of the cosiness and atmosphere of your room, you should always put some meaningful stuff to make it feel like your home. Bring some photo frames, meaningful gifts from family and friends, etc. Decorate your room with those accessories and in that style that tells who is living here.

5. Airbed

Even a tiny dorm room can host a few of your friends if you have an extra airbed that can be brought up whenever you have a sleepover or just too many people in your room. It’s always great to have an extra dorm bed. Besides, it’s not too big and can be carried on a trip.

6. Sticky notes

Sticky notes are popular among students. Sometimes, you see most stuff in their rooms and notebooks decorated with them. These little sticky notes are good reminders of any tasks you don’t want to forget. Besides, they can be very effective in studying.

7. Organizer

A tidy well-organized desktop of a key ingredient to effective studying. Create a special place with the atmosphere of learning with the help of a desktop organizer and make your home assignments easier. The right corner for studying will set up the mood and make you more productive. 

8. Charging cable

Dorm rooms often don’t have many power sockets. It’s always good to have a three-way plug just in case. However, another important convenience for any young person is charging your phone while in bed. So, a long charging cable can solve many problems when moving into a new dormitory.

9. Highlighters

Get creative with your studies with the help of highlighters. Have fun taking your class notes or working on an assignment. Making your routine tasks colourful may be an inspiration for studying. Besides, highlighters make student notes more structured and help to find the necessary content in a matter of seconds.

10. Alarm clock

What can be harder for a student than getting up in the morning? Nothing, especially when you have supervision of your parents and deiced what to do yourself. The temptation to miss all the classes in the morning to stay in bed just for a bit more is huge. To make sure this doesn’t happen, a loud alarm clock is needed.

11. Hangover cup

Let’s be honest—hangovers happen. And they are far from pleasant. Those famous student parties leave most people severely dehydrated and shaky. That is why every student has to have a special hangover cup that can hold warm and cold liquids, is easy to use and leak proof.

12. Earplugs

Among the full list of dorm room essentials, there is a special place for earplugs. Dorm neighbours tend to be noisy, especially during the times you want to sleep. A pair of good earplugs is a great tool for initial adaptation. In time, some students develop a gift of falling asleep even when it’s too noisy.

13. Beer pong rack

When the time of studying is over, students have the best parties in the world. To be a star of any gathering, bring a beer pong rack. This iconic game still makes every party full of fun.

14. Travel mug

Students tend to travel more than anyone. When it is time to pack your things and go on a trip during holidays or a spring break, a travel mug is an essential addition to your stuff. However, the regular trips to classes would benefit from a travel mug as well, especially when it is cold.

15. Mini fridge

Dorm rooms are not always the most comfortable. So, for many students, a mini fridge becomes a wish. This is one of the most useful devices a student can get. Do not doubt whether you need it or not. Just visit an Amazon mini fridge list and choose the one that suits your budget.

16. Power bank

When you are constantly moving, making sure that all those electronic devices are charged can be problematic. To avoid disastrous situations of a dying phone, a student always needs to have a power bank. Yet, here comes the issue of charging the bank itself.

17. Coffeemaker

Do students always lack sleep? Yes, most of the time they do. This is a high period to become addicted to coffee. To avoid all disgusting coffee vending machines on campus, buy your own coffee machine and enjoy fresh high-quality coffee in the morning. ThePrinceLa has spent a great deal of time researching these coffee machine appliances. They will help you decide to get the coffee maker that is right for you.

18. Portable iron

Why waste your money on a huge iron that takes many places and cannot be taken on a trip when there are many small portable versions that are also effective? You can pack your things and go anywhere when you know you can look flawless thanks to a portable iron.

If you’re at a friend’s dorm and need to get the wrinkles out of your little black dress so it sits flat against your supportive underwire push up bra for a night out on the town, having a portable iron can make it easy to do this. 

19. Huge mug

A huge mug is a universal device in the hands of a student. It is used to harbour all kinds of liquids. The full list of its uses isn’t limited to just regular tea. It can serve as a soup bowl, coffee cup, cocktail glass, etc. A regular student can easily write a list of 100 options to use a big mug.

20. Board games

Board games are not for families alone. There are many interesting ones for a company of friends. Some of them are even suitable for a party. Create a collection of board games for any kind of party and friends. There is some free stuff for college students on the Internet and board games can be often found in the midst.

21. Microwave

Well, cooking usually is not a forte of students. All those fancy kitchen devices would be useless, except for a microwave. This is a device every student needs. Heating meals in a microwave are the easiest trick a beginning chef can do. This device can be used for all kinds of dishes if you know how to use it.

22. Laptop

If there’s one absolute necessity for college students, it’s a decent portable computer for taking to class. This is a must-have item for when you get back to the dorm room as well for organizing your schedule, writing term papers, performing online research, staying in touch with family via social media, and playing games on the weekend to unwind.

The mission of this list of essential items is to make the lives of freshmen easier. While some college students have probably already figured out their own lists of necessary stuff, this one can be of help as well.

Student life can be simultaneously the best time and the hardest one we have. Constant studying, classes, parties, and a whole new lifestyle are exhausting and students need all the help they can get. It is surprising how a few simple things can bring peace and relaxation to a new life students experience. These are the simple items to make a dorm room feel like home and to organize the studying process correctly. This is the basic formula for making college years the best in our lives. How about taking some stress off by starting a blog or take a punta cana all inclusive trip?

Not every person has to follow this list of 21 purchases as we all have our own needs. These are the suggested items that can improve certain aspects of student life. Do you have any essentials of your own that you believe can make a fine addition to this list? We hope this list by will cover all needs you, as a student, may have and make your life easier. If you need financial help covering some of these necessary college expenses, look into title loans San Antonio for help. 

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