Ways To Keep Your Place Free From Citronella Ants

Citronella ants can be the most annoying and irritating pests encountered in building and home. Sharing your place with yellow ants is not comfortable. For instance, sleeping in bed or sitting in a couch having these insects can various problems including skin irritation, rashes, or redness.

If you ever had citronella ants infestation, then you must know how it is irritating and how hard it is to get rid of them. This type of ants love to get inside the home, and it can be difficult to remove them.

Any homeowner who wants to protect the home from yellow ant’s infestation needs to know about this species and why it is extremely difficult to get them out of the home.

First of all, learn about their behaviour: Citronella ants (yellow Ants) can almost infest in every corner of your place, but they particularly found in the kitchen. This is because these ants find fatty and sugary foods. If food is left out of the cabinet, it can be a great feast for them. It attracts the ants, which will establish a colony once they identified an ample food source.

Other areas of your space that are subject to citronella ant’s infestation include cracks and holes in the walls, cabinets, in refrigerator insulation, and behind the baseboard. They also like to establish nests outside of the home. It gives them easy access to food and water.

1. Look For the Citronella Ants Nests

In rare conditions, yellow ants nest in the crawl spaces and in the foundation or near them. Their nest placing can be more nuisance. It is important to identify the colonies to control them. In general, yellow ants colonies have a mound of soil around the opening.

So take a round of your home look for their colonies and destroy them. Block the opening by dusting the silica gel and block the openings.

2. Use Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is the one best way to get rid of yellow ants. If citronella ants do enter your home, swipe them up with the help of a vacuum cleaner. If you have a vacuum with a long wand can make this practice easier.

3. Boiling Water

The most widely known natural way to get rid of yellow ants is using boiling water. Locate the entrance points and nests of ants and pour the boiling water inside. You have to do this practice repeatedly until all the ants are dead.

4. A mixture of Sugar and Boric Acid

This method has quite a great success rate you only need to mix boric acid with sugar and mix it well till it becomes a paste. After that, place this mixture around the entrance of the nest. Ants love sweet things, and they will be drawn to this paste. After eating it, they will carry the rest of the paste for the queen inside the nest. Shortly after eating the queen and the rest of the ants started to die.

5. Invest in Pest Control Services

If you feel after implementing these tips your place still have ants, then it’ll be useful to invest in pest control services. They help their clients to make their homes pest free. So it is our honest suggestion that investing pest control services will prevent your home ants and other pests infestation.

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