Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant Sukhumvit: Panoramic View Of Bangkok

Bangkok is the ultimate destination for a night out with friends. You can party late into the night enjoying the spectacular views. With many rooftop bars around the city, you will be spoilt for choice. However, most rooftop bars in the Thai capital are flooding with tourists, and you may not have a great experience. In the crowded arena of sky bars, the Cielo sky bar in Sukhumvit stands out for its panoramic view of Bangkok city.

The 360-degree cityscape from 46 floors up will be the highlight of your trip. Not to mention the delicious food and cocktails which are well worth the visit. Also, get a front row seat to watch the sunset and the beautiful skyline of Bangkok. Being in a quiet area provides an intimate atmosphere for dining and relaxing.

Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant – How to Get to the Sky Bar

The Cielo Skybar is far from the main tourist areas in Bangkok, but still close to the nightlife spots within the capital. You can get there by Skytrain. From the train station, it is a short walk to Skywalk Condominium which houses the bar. When you get out of the elevator on the 46th floor, you step into the dining area of the restaurant.

Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant – The Layout of the Sky Bar

Cielo has a beautiful cream and black dining area with chandeliers hanging from the roof. The bar and lounge are gently lit to produce a warm glow and a relaxing atmosphere for unwinding as you sip a cocktail. The highlight of the bar is a large terrace outside for an uninterrupted view of the sunset and the city below.

Despite the large windows in the bar and restaurant, you will want to experience the view from the terrace. The furniture is arranged cleverly to allow a maximum number of people while offering privacy. The balcony gives you the impression of a floating rooftop bar and may not be ideal for acrophobic.

Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant – Skywalk

Are you afraid of heights? Then skywalk may not be for you unless there is someone to hold your hand. Adrenaline enthusiasts will love the glass walkway. It’s a thrilling experience to feel like you are floating 46 floors up.

Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant – Great Selection of Food

The food is to die for! So whether you want something to go with your drink or enjoy a full-course meal, there is something for everyone. You can sample out local and international dishes for your dinner. Or grab a quick bite with your drink. The choices include barbeque chicken wings and bruschetta among others. There is an exhaustive list of beef and poultry dishes. They also have all kinds of delectable seafood dishes. The selection of salads and great wine will make your dinner unforgettable.

Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant – Dining Options

If you are looking for a romantic dining experience, then this Bangkok sky restaurant is your best option. You can eat inside the restaurant or on the terrace. The restaurant has several private dining options; The Secreto zone is a romantic area with a spectacular view of the mountain visible through the large windows. The zone has a soft glow creating a warm romantic ambience. The Ocaso zone on the balcony can host up to 300 people who want to enjoy the sunset. The dining options are a unique feature for a sky bar. The Cielo sky bar restaurant stands out for their affordable prices.

Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant – The Bar

The bar features a laid-back area for relaxing and sipping cocktails. The beautiful art deco and the warm ambience make it a top choice for a classy night out. The quality of the drinks is top-notch making it the best rooftop bar in Bangkok. The bar hosts a variety of drinks from beer to cocktails. You will also find some of the best wine and champagne. Their creativity in mixing cocktails is commendable. Some of the delicious cocktails include Mojitos, Pina Coladas, and Mai Tai.

The Cielo sky bar and restaurant is your go-to bar when you are looking for a hushed atmosphere to enjoy a meal, chill-out and a breath-taking view of the sunset.

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