Three Fabulous Ways To Chronicle Travel Adventures

If you’re anything like me, you love going on an adventure! A spontaneous road trip, a cruise to the Caribbean, a hike to the temples of Tibet; it’s all part of experiencing the amazing sights and sounds this beautiful world of ours has to offer! It is a waste not to capture your travels. Here are three fabulous ways to chronicle travel adventures for you and your loved ones!

We travel because we’re looking for excitement, or because we want to relax, or because we want to learn. But more than anything, we travel because we want to connect. Through our adventures to new places, we’re discovering new cultures, and connecting to the people who make those locales unique through their food, their music, their geography, and many other unique staples you can only find there.

We’re also connecting to those closest to us. Sharing our adventures with others helps us bond with our families and friends as they pour over our photos of the St. Augustine Chapel, or listen to us describe the fire dancers of Hawaii. They become captivated, inspired, and, dare I say it, just a little bit jealous.

To help you not only record your experiences, so that you can look back on them many years from now but share them with the ones who mean the most to you, here are three fabulous ways you can chronicle your travel adventures!

Keep a Video Diary

Admit it: you love to see yourself on film! It’s fun to keep a record of our thoughts and feelings, and ham it up for the camera, while we pretend like we’ve finally gotten our five minutes of fame. Keeping a video diary will not only allow you to express your creativity, but allow you to record those unforgettable travel experiences, so you can share them with others!

Video can be far more intimate than any other media when it comes to transporting a person to another place. It’s not just the visuals: you can hear the sounds of ocean waves crashing against the shore or the tranquil sound of a rainforest as the animals just start to wake up. You can also get the sense of the serenity a person feels standing in a botanical garden, the frame gently rising and falling as you breathe in the aroma of exotic plants, or the absolute exhilaration as the camera shakes and snaps in all directions as you paraglide over the Pacific Ocean.

Whatever example you have from your own travels, the point is, a video diary will allow you to show your friends and family what your destination was like, using few words, and a lot of incredible imagery!

Start Your Own Travel Blog

Videos are nice, but cameras and software can be expensive, it takes time to edit footage, and if you mess it up or your battery dies while you’re filming, those moments are lost forever. But that will never happen if you put your experiences into words.

A blog will allow you to engage your family and friends, as well as new people you connect with, with your harrowing tales from around the globe. (Or the state – nothing beats a weekend road trip, right?) A blog will also give you all the space you need to describe every intimate detail of everything you see, touch, taste, and hear, something that can be difficult to articulate if all you have is images.

Blogging will also help you effectively and eloquently capture something that film can only portray if done perfectly, and even then not to full effect: emotion. In the things that matter most to us, we establish an emotional connection, and our travels are no different. We’re overwhelmed by the beauty of design in a Japanese hotel, or the majesty of the Egyptian pyramids. We grow giddy at tasting a sour snack in Chile, or deeply touched by the tragedy of the Italian opera.

Using words, you can portray those emotions, and preserve those details, with far more accuracy, and in a way that endears your experiences in the hearts of your readers, than you could with the film.

You don’t even have to shoot your own film or photos to blog well; free stock nature images can perfectly communicate the way the Himalayas look in the bright light of the sun, or how the mist of the Appalachians blankets everything in white at dawn.

Upload Your Travel Podcast

If you don’t have the time to shoot a video, or you don’t consider yourself a competent writer, no worries! A podcast is a great method to record your experiences while you utilize your natural gift for gab!

With a podcast, you’ll be able to record the thoughts and feelings you have as you experience new things in your travels, even as your actively enjoy your destination. You can even make your podcast more engaging by speaking with the locals and asking them to give a quick interview talking about the culture, food, music, work habits, and entertainment options in their homeland.

You can also use your podcast as a helpful guide to navigating a new destination for veteran travellers or prepare helpful “how-to” guides for newbies who are planning their first big adventure. To make it even more fun and engaging, have a friend who also loves to travel join you on your podcast to share stories, compare experiences, and offer advice of their own.

Finally, a podcast will allow your listeners to enjoy your adventures wherever they are or however much time they have. Unlike a video or a blog post, your listeners can do other things while you recount your trip to the base of Mount Kilimanjaro or the shores of Tripoli. They can drive to work, fold the laundry, do the dishes, or any other number of common tasks, while they enjoy listening to your stories at the same time.

Where Do We Go From Here?

I hope the ideas we’ve talked about give you some great ideas to help you record your travel adventures! The ultimate method you choose will depend on your own unique interests and tastes, and whichever you choose, have fun doing it! Travelling is all about experiencing new things and getting the most out of life; why would you treat the way you record those memories any differently?

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