What To See, Do & Eat During Christmas In The Lion City

Singapore has become one of the most popular tourism destinations regardless what season it is. Celebrating Christmas in Singapore means to experience this holiday in a modern Asian city. Still busy with study commitments? Use a college helper to pull the plug and start enjoying your vacation! Christmas in Lion City is officially celebrated on 25 December but everywhere gets buried in the festivities from early November. Christmas spreads and Yuletide menus pop up at restaurants across the island, adding on the festive perks to an already impressive dining scene.

Where To Spend Your Money

Singapore is the ideal place to spend money if you own them. Everything here is quite expensive (food, and entertainment, and shops) – and at the same time, everything is done very qualitatively.

Snow City in Singapore

Here the townspeople come to freeze at a temperature of -5 degrees or ride on a sledge from the snow mountain with a height of the 3-floor house. Skis, snowboards, inflatable sleighs are given for hire. You can play snowballs, make snowmen and get warmed by hot coffee.

Siloso Beach Christmas party.

You can dance the night away with thousands of revellers to the exciting beats of local and international DJs.

A Festive Time On A Great Street

Orchard Road was lighten-up for Christmas for the first time. And since this year Singaporeans and tourists have gathered at the site to celebrate and buy gifts for their loved ones.This year we look forward to many festivities that allude to the theme of “Infinite Miracle.” As part of Christmas on a Great Street, shopping malls are decorated with shimmering magic lights, twinkling trees, and complex decorations, with street performances and festive bazaars in abundance. If you are the owner of Mastercard credit or debit card, you’re in for a treat, and you’re able to spend more money you’ve expected. 

Traditional Christmas Fairs In Gardens By The Bay.

From December 1st to December 26th, 2017 a luxurious Christmas market with a lot of entertainment will be held! Exciting concerts, theatre performances, festive parades, attractions and even the Ice Palace, where everyone can skate wait for the visitors! Authentic wooden houses for the fair series were brought from the UK. If you haven’t bought the presents yet, you should find out more about possible ways to make your Christmas eco-friendly and learn about green living, as at this fair, you can not only taste dishes and drinks from different countries and local delicacies but also buy cute souvenirs and gifts.

What To Eat In Singapore

In Singapore, you can taste national dishes of almost all Indochina peoples. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants here. And simple street cafes in the city are not inferior fashionable restaurants by their cuisine. In other words, there won’t be any problem to find an affordable Christmas dinner Singapore.

But the famous cocktail “Singapore Sling” is worth trying in the “Long Bar” of the hotel “Raffles”. And on the quay of Boat Quay, in any of its restaurants or pubs, one must certainly eat a real masterpiece of Singaporean cuisine – Chile Crab: crab meat fried with chilli, garlic, tomatoes, and eggs.

Where To Go & What To See

Except for the futuristic skyscrapers, you can see the well-preserved buildings of the colonial period and ancient monuments in Singapore. The symbol of the city is the Merlion, a mythical animal with the head of a lion and a fishtail, which is guarded by Singapore. And the name Singapore from Sanskrit is translated as the lion’s city. Marble statue of Merlion can be seen opposite the hotel Fullerton. 

In the New Year, all the sights of Singapore are transformed, offering holiday surprises to visitors. In the fragrant Botanical Garden, live music is played in honour of the fest. In the Singapore Zoo children are entertained by Santa Claus and other fairy-tale characters. You can make a cherished wish at the elegant Fountain of Wealth. 

Then take a ride on the Singapore Flyer, which on Christmas and New Year runs until 23:00 and even enjoy a festive dinner in order to walk to the epicentre of the New Year’s Gala Marina Bay and meet Christmas for unforgettable fireworks. And be sure to ride on the Ferris wheel, admiring the panorama of the city and the ships in the roadstead, and climb to the roof of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

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