Chicky Bites Meet Cheesy Bites Trio – How Did It Happen?

The good people behind the wildly successful Cheesy Bites Trio have not been resting on their laurels. Just when we thought we have gotten our minds off Cheesy Bites Trio’s addictive 3 flavoured bites (Parmesan, Chipotle & Sesame), Pizza Hut has yet again outdone themselves by introducing the irresistible Chicky Bites as the latest topping to intrigue your senses! Golden brown Chicky Bites combined with tangy salsa sauce is all set to wow your taste buds! How did it happen? All is said to be revealed at the exclusive Pizza Hut’s Food Tasting Session for Bloggers.

Pizza Hut - Cheese Trio

I was really surprised to find out that I was the only male blogger invited for the food tasting session at Pizza Hut, City Square Mall. I always thought pizzas are supposed to be more of a dude food. To fuel the conversations, we were treated to one of my favourite Pizza Hut appetizers – Chicken Riblets. Hot and crispy on the outside yet juicy and succulent on the inside, they are an absolute delight.


It didn’t take long before our star of the tasting session – Cheesy Bites Trio Pizza – Chicky Bites arrive! Piping hot from the oven, I am already sold on the vibrant colours and pleasing presentation.


It did not take long before I sink my teeth into each one of these delectable flavoured bites. Chipotle eventually emerged as my personal favourite.

Pizza Love

A quick tip – when digging in to the pizza, make sure you pair each bite with a piece of crispy chicky bites to fully appreciate the intended taste of its creators.


Our kind host generously added a helping of Seafood Fiesta to the table. Inspired by the Spanish Paella rice, the baked rice offered a wonderful line up of deliciously marinated mussels, prawns, squid rings and pilaf rice in salsa sauce. The entire dish is then topped with melted mozzarella cheese and served in a hot sizzling pan. Make sure you make a grab for the mussels; there are only 4 of them!


To end off the food tasting session, all attending bloggers took a group photo together.


If you are eager to get your hands on the Lucky Draw Prizes, Cheesy Bites Trio – Chicky Bites is available at all Pizza Hut restaurants and delivery service till 2 July 2013. The following options are available for your dining preference:

Dine In At Restaurants

Cheesy Delight Meal at $27.90 for 2.

– 1 Regular Cheesy Bites Trio, 2 soups  and 2 drinks.

Home Delivery

Cheesy Double Deal at $28.90 which is good for 4-5pax.

– 1 Regular Cheesy Bites Trio  and 1 Regular Pan Pizza

If you are into yummy cheesy pizzas with a mischievous crunch, you stand to win a fun-filled holiday trip to Gold Coast and Hong Kong in Pizza Hut Lucky Draw with any purchase of ala carte Cheesy Bites Trio or Cheesy set meals!

To add on the extra dose of fun, diners with lots of wacky photo ideas should also check out Pizza Hut’s “How did it happen” Facebook app and let your creative juices run wild. At Pizza Hut, there’s nothing shameful about playing with food. Feel free to have lots of cam-whoring fun while enjoying the pizzas!

To reward you with your creativity, Pizza Hut is giving away 3 set of $100 every week! Log on to for more details today!


Also, I will be participating in this “How did it happen” contest so readers please show some support and make a guess with my creative pictures. Open to anyone and everyone, those at work, you can spend some of your breaktime at work with some creativity.

I ended up back in office with a piece of Cheesy Bites Trio in my work bag… now how did that happen? Stay close for more!


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  1. The food looks divine and cheesy. Love cheese.

  2. Harold Gardner

    This sounds really bad…I mean good…but REALLY bad! I am going to eat some breakfast now….because this sounds really…well…bad & good!

  3. Michael

    really eyecatching – love the presentation of the food…

  4. paul grieveson

    The food on here looks good enough to eat those cheesy bites a just the best 🙂

  5. This look like it could catch on ..i love the look of the food..great post ..enjoyed

  6. Looks like it could be a new fad for foods! What a plethora of delicious flavors in one dish! I look forward to trying this!


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