Chicken Frankie Made Quick And Easy

Not of us has endless time in our hands to spend in the kitchen, but that does not mean that you cannot have good food when and if you want to. There are a number of smart kitchen appliances that you must invest on, which will make your kitchen experience much more accessible and like never before so, it’s time you stop stuffing yourself with unhealthy foods and fast foods, and spend some time in the kitchen and make brilliant food in no time at all. This Chicken Frankie recipe, for example, is quick, easy, and simply yummy!

About the Recipe

This recipe is an easy but extremely healthy recipe that will help you gain your nutrients and also feel full at the same time. The preparation time for this recipe is hardly around 10 minutes, and the final cooking time, along with the time required for assembly, will be approximately 25 minutes. This recipe is even great for those who are looking for meal preparation ideas because these Frankies will taste as good when reheated and is also easy to make. The final recipe may serve up to 3 to 4 people. If you are vegan or vegetarian, you can easily substitute the filling with either tofu or paneer, respectively, and have a brilliant meal ready for you in no time.

Ingredients for the Frankie

You will need around 3 cups of flour. You can use either atta or maida or even use a combination of each. In that case, use 2 cups of maida and 1 cup atta for maximum flavour. You will need water as per required and also add at least a tablespoon of olive oil or Vegetable oil into the dough. For extra smoothness of the dough, you can add some hot milk or even some curd. This will make your dough even softer and gives it a very distinct flavour. If you have problems with acidity or other gastrointestinal issues, you can simply add a pinch of carom seeds into your dough, which will make it easy to digest and hence increase the health factor of your dish.

Making Your Wrap 

The most popular and convenient way of making a wrap is with the help of a roti maker. The rotimatic roti maker is a standout and will help you save time and energy when making a wrap or even a roti or paratha. After you have made the dough, make sure you let it rest for at least 30 minutes before you put it inside the roti maker. After this,  section your dough into equal rounds, you should get up to 8 sections. Roll them into a sphere in your hand and then place them on your roti maker. Make sure that your roti maker is hot when you put the dough in it for best results.

Now simply press on the lid so that the dough spreads to make a beautiful circle and then let it go. You will soon see the dough rising; this is your call to turn the half-done wrap over and let the other side cook too. After both sides are cooked, take the roti out and make sure to place it inside a casserole so that it remains hot and toasty until the time of assembly. You can make perfectly baked wrap in a roti maker if you don’t have it and planning to buy one then you can check Rotimatic unbiased review and decide yourself for the pros and cons of this perfect roti making machine.

Ingredients For the Filling

In order to make Frankie a nice one, you have to make sure that the filling is absolutely delicious. For a chicken, Frankie, you will definitely be needing chicken, and depending on how healthy you want your Frankie to be, you can use boiled or lightly fried chicken, you will also need some herbs like rosemary, thyme and oregano and spices like paprika. You can also add a generous portion of mozzarella and cheddar cheese, or if you are trying to stay healthy, you can not add any of the cheese at all. You can also add some vegetables like capsicum, onion, and garlic to your Frankie to make it extra flavorful.

If you are vegetarian, you will simply have to replace the chicken with tofu, or you can make it delicious with just grilled vegetables. If you are vegetarian, you can also add in some paneer. The options are truly endless with a wrap as diverse as this. You can also play around with sauces like honey mustard sauce, pepper garlic sauce, or even ranch. Depending on what you have in your fridge, you can just about do anything with your Frankie. 

Cooking the Filling

You will need cube-sized chicken to start your cooking. You can either boil the chicken or even fry it, depending on what you like to it. After you have fried your chicken, do the same to the vegetables you find in your kitchen, and if you dislike vegetables, you can totally create the dish without them. After you have cooked your chicken and be, add in the herbs and spices. Give it the right mix and let it sweat for a while. You can do the same thing to your tofu or paneer in case you are vegan or vegetarian and simply make your filling as tasty as you can.

You can also experiment with several sauces that are absolutely the best and will totally make you salivate. Add in the cheese to your filling, so they are melty and gooey right before assembly. You can make a delicious honey mustard sauce simply with some honey and English mustard or even a pepper garlic sauce with some smashed whole pepper and burnt garlic.

Time For Assembly

Now that you have all your elements of the Frankie ready, it is time for assembly. Place your wrap on a plate, and it flat. Put a generous portion of your filling into the wrap and then drizzle the sauce over it. Now, simply wrap it along the sides and roll it on a napkin, and you will have your Frankie ready in no time at all.

Enjoy your wrap warm and toasty!

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