Tech You Can Only Buy In Japan

Japan has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to the freshest and most inventive technology. From the universal (video games and smartphones) to the more esoteric (those infamous toilets) the country has always been at the forefront of exciting advances and there are many that have yet to make it out of the land of the rising sun. Many more, in fact, that probably never will. Here we’ll have a closer look at some of the more eccentric Japanese tech that will probably never make it to the west.

Exclusive Games

Due to the more specific tastes of Japanese gamers, there are many video games that will never get a western release. As such, if you’re a gamer visiting Japan with a predilection for dating simulators and bizarre rhythm games, you’re in luck. For some real obscurities, head to the iconic “Super Potato” store, which is more like a video game museum that actually allows you to buy the exhibits! Whilst they might have fallen out of favour with the rest of the world, Arcades are also still a major business in Japan, so you’ll find hundreds of cabinets that you’d never see anywhere else.

Therapy Robot

Japan is known for its quirky robotics (everyone surely remembers the Sony AIBO robot dog?) but this one might just take the cake. The Qoobo robot is essentially a ‘smart cushion’ with a moving tail that’s designed to respond to how you touch it and help the user relax as a result.

Ramen Vending Machines

A major step up from a Pot Noodle, these handy machines are as common in Japan as soft drink dispensers in the western world. Offering fresh noodles prepared with the flavourings of your choice, this is restaurant quality Ramen that’s ready whenever you are! Will this trend ever make its way across the pond? Maybe. Nobody thought the rotating sushi belt would leave Japan, but now it’s a stable of sushi restaurants across the world!

Underground Bike Vaults

With more than 14% of the population of Tokyo choosing the humble bike as their preferred mode of transport, the city decided to install a series of vaults across the city that safely store bikes underground in an ingenious automated storage system that operates like something out of a James Bond movie.


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