Why use IPM to Buy Gold in Singapore

Buying gold bullion in Singapore has become a huge attraction for investors as it presents a golden opportunity to save paying tax on top of the purchase price. In 2012, legislation was introduced that placed Investment Precious Metals (IPM) outside of the tariffs set for other goods and services. However, to qualify for the scheme precious metals have to conform to certain conditions.

What Is IPM Gold?

Gold bullion has to be of the highest purity attainable and is set at 99.5% for all ingots, bars and coins. Bars can be of any size or weight but they have to conform to the traditional, simple shape of a bar. Any gold ingots that resemble jewellery through having a hole bored in them for a chain to thread through are exempt from the IPM category and are subsequently liable for tax. The gold bars must also be stamped with a recognisable and verifiable hallmark. To qualify as IPM gold, coins have to adhere to the extra condition of having being used as legal tender at some stage in the country of origin. Coins that fall into the IPM category include the Singapore Lion, the Australian Kangaroo and the American Buffalo.

An Alternative IPM

Another IPM is Indigo Precious Metals, dealers in all forms of gold bullion and other precious metals. The company is based in Singapore but has outlets in both London and Malaysia. As well-respected dealers who are fully registered, licenced and accredited, they have been using their expertise to help people from all walks of life to make sound investments in gold bars and coins for decades. They have an extensive range of bars and coins to choose from. Gold bullion can be delivered by a secure courier delivery service throughout the United Kingdom or further afield. Alternatively, IPM can offer secure storage in technologically advanced vaults at affordable rates. Armed guards protect the company’s stronghold in Singapore which is recognised as the largest vault of its kind anywhere in the world. Investors can safely purchase gold bars or coins through the IPM website with the reassurance that transactions are protected by encrypted security. The latest fluctuations on the Stock Market for precious metals can be viewed on the IPM website dashboard.

When you want to invest in gold bullion in the tax-free haven of Singapore, turn to Indigo Precious Metals the experts in IPM gold. The above is a sponsored article and do not reflect AspirantSG views. You are advised to consult more sources and not make any investment decisions based on the article. 

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