Burger King Value Meal

Eating shouldn’t be expensive. To bring back their old customers and attract new ones fast food restaurants came up with a clever strategy, value menu. The value menu doesn’t cost much and you can eat whatever you want at a cheap price. Here is a guide of what you can expect in value meals:

Crispy Taco:

You can eat a crispy crunch tortilla filled with beef, lettuce, cheddar cheese for only 1%. The yummy taco is topped with savory taco sauce.

Chicken Nuggets:

Who doesn’t love chicken nuggets? 10 pieces of chicken nuggets for 0nly 1.49$ is everything a nugget fan would want. But this offer is available for a limited time. Hurry up as the deal will soon end.

Bacon Double Cheese Burger:

The burger only costs 2.29$ and contains two grilled bacon patties with melted American cheese and layered with crinkled shaped pickles, ketchup and mustard sauce. What can be a better treat than this? But if you think the two patty burger will be heavy on your stomach, there are other cheese and bacon option available on the value menu list. Check it out here.

Burger King Golden Crown Card:

Most people don’t even know this card exists, but do you know the golden crown card can give you  the unlimited supply of burgers and fries at very little cost. Celebrities like Robert Downey Jr, Hugh Laurie, George Lucas, and Jennifer Hudson are the owner of this crown card. You can get this card in their restaurant or online on their website.

2 for 6$:

Burger King has introduced 2 for 6$ options on their menu. You can now buy a Crispy chicken sandwich and a whopper burger worth 6$. The 670 calories crispy chicken burger contains white meat and is seasoned with fresh lettuce, mayonnaise, and tomato. Whereas the whopper sandwich contains flame-grilled beef patty, layered with mayonnaise, pickles, ketchup, and onion on a sesame bun. Burger King has now also added a Grilled chicken sandwich in its deal. You can choose any of the two burgers you like. This promotion offer is for a limited time and is not available on every franchise.

Whopper Meal Deals:

The Burger King has put 3 whopper deals together worth 4$, 5$ and 6$.

The 4$ deal includes whopper JR along with fries and a cold drink. The Whopper JR sandwich is made up of flamed grilled beef patty and is layered with fresh and ripe lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, pickles, ketchup and onions on a sesame bun. The burger contains 310 calories.

The 5$ deal includes a classic whopper with a small packet of fries and a cold drink. This whopper sandwich contains flamed grilled beef layered with pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, ketchup, and pickles. The classic whopper is not different than Whopper JR. It differs in size.

The 5$ meal includes Double Whopper with fries and a cold drink. The 900 calories Double Whopper is paired with two grilled beef patty and is layered with tomato, crinkle cut pickles, mayonnaise, lettuce and ketchup on a sesame bun.

The whopper is America’s favorite burger and there is a lot of variety available in the whopper category, but they are not listed in value meals. This promotion will end in a short time and is available on franchises.

Onion Rings:

Now, who can resist hot and crispy onion rings with a hot and classic sauce when, they just cost for 1.49$. Other than onion rings, value fries are also available for 1.49$.

Some other value items listed on Burger King’s menu list. But not every item is on the menu, but you can always ask them. The prices can be different in different locations and not every item is available on every franchise. Satisfy your cravings and wallets with these value deals and drop down a comment about your experience.

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