Egg-zample of How One Instagram Post Can Boost Your Business

Instagram hashtags #EggGang, #EggSoldiers and #LikeTheEgg have broken the internet within the last few days. These Instagram hashtags have been used to drive and get millions of likes for a simple egg photo. The egg is now known as Eugene. Few days ago on Jan 5, 2019 an Instagram account with handle @world_record_egg, posted a photo of an egg, with the following caption:

“Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this.”

As of 05:40 GMT, January 15 that one post has garnered 5.2m followers and had been liked by 37, 985, 843 people with over 1, 664, 026 comments as seen below.

Even Twitter is not left out. Just like with Instagram hashtags, Twitter EggGang hashtags are also trending.

Currently, there’s only one post, the photo of the egg and nothing else on that account. In this post we’ll highlight some of the elements that helped this post go viral.

Implementing them in your Instagram routine can help you get more visibility, exposure likes and perhaps make you go viral too someday.

So here we go:

7 Key Lessons to Learn from @world_record_egg

1. Set Clear Goal(s)

There was a clearly stated goal which was to set a new world record for the most liked Instagram post as clearly expressed on the caption.

Setting a clearly stated goal or target for your Instagram hashtags or campaigns make progress more measurable. As you work towards it and see progress it inspires more work in the direction of progress.

2. Introduce a Challenge

There is also a clearly stated challenge or mission statement. Not only did @world_record_egg set out to set a new world record for Instagram likes, it set out to beat the previous world record holder.

By challenging none other than Kylie Jenner, @world_record_egg set the bar high enough for supporters to be inspired enough to join in the challenge.

3. Use Best Hashtags

Join the #EggGang, become #EggSoldiers, #LikeTheEgg are three of the most popular Instagram hashtags used to spread the word.

These Instagram hashtags have been used and even replicated on Twitter with so many retweets. Using the right Instagram hashtags for likes will help you get more visibility and exposure plus showing up in Instagram search results.

4. Use Catchy Captions

You can give your followers an idea of best Instagram hashtags to use by using them yourself, setting the pace. One place where you can set this pace is in your caption.

Basically, your caption captures the whole essence of your post. A good caption drives the corresponding action in the direction you have requested.

5. Use Call-to-Actions

Speaking about caption and action, a good caption should also contain a compelling call-to-action. If @world_record_egg merely posted a picture of an egg without egging people on to like for a new world record, it would be a mere egg photo and not the world record egg it has become.

The call-to-action here is seen in action in line one of the caption “Let’s set a new world record together and get the most liked photo on Instagram.”

6. Use Relevant Associations

By linking or associating this challenge with a celebrity like Kylie Jenner, @world_record_egg was able to garner the support of the people.

For some reason, it must feel good to compete against one of the Kardashians, and the massive response from the masses clearly proves this sentiment.

7. Think Community (Teamwork)

Using the best Instagram hashtags, caption, photo or call-to-action alone may not have helped @world_record_egg to achieve the success it did with this challenge.

By using the word “Let’s” @world_record_egg made it an unselfish campaign and opened it up for massive participation. Imagine if the caption had read “I want to set a new world record…” The results could have been way different with Jenner fans insulting and trolling @world_record_egg.


@world_record_egg is a classic egg-zample of how to go viral without even trying. The key takeaway here is that the masterful combination of goals, challenge, Instagram hashtags, captions, call-to-action, association and community spirit can turn a simple egg into a hot cake.

Implementing these in your next Instagram posts could make a lot of difference and boost your business.

Author Bio:

Amos Onwukwe is an AWAI trained Business and Ecommerce Copywriter who has been featured in scores of blogs including Huffington Post, Dumb Little Man, E-commerce Nation, eCommerce Insights, Understanding E-commerce, Result First, Floship, Successful Startup 101, Small Biz Club, Small Business Bonfire, among others. He is available for hire Twitter: @amos_onwukwe

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