4 Smart Travel Tips To Help You Plan Your Bogota Trip

Bogota is the sprawling, high-altitude capital of Colombia. Known to be a place where the cosmopolitan feel meets the colonial vibes, the city’s culture and nightlife is one to experience. Bogota is blessed with pleasant climates due to its location close to the equator and high altitude. The place is a haven for low budget travellers and backpackers with historic Downtown and La Candelaria offer inexpensive lodging. You can know more about your lodging and sightseeing options in Bogota here at www.visitingbogota.com.

The 4 Tips to Make Your Bogota Trip Better

Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind while travelling to Bogota –

1. Be Safe While Travelling

As travellers, try to move around the city during the day. Street crimes are one of the biggest crimes in Bogota. Hold your bags and luggage close throughout your travel itinerary. According to many, the north and east sides of the city are safe.

It is better to not look like a flashy tourist. Avoid carrying an expensive camera around your neck to be safe. Store all your documents, valuables and majority of your cash in your hotel safe. There is an increased risk of crimes in larger cities.

2. Take Care of Your Finances

When planning your trip, you need to know how much you want to spend on the trip. Always have an idea about where you are going or ask recommendations from locals about a particular spot you want to visit. Use ATMs that are located inside shopping malls and shopping centers to ensure you can ask someone if something goes wrong.

Plan your itinerary budget from before. Exchange money in banks and authorized dealers. When travelling, know the route. There are several illegal taxi drivers in the city.

3. What’s Your Interest?

You don’t want to visit every place in Bogota. If you like museums, and you know you’ve to head to the Gold Museum, do not forget to check its opening hours and the days on which it’s closed. You wouldn’t want to have a day for it on your trip only to find it’s closed.

The same goes for other attractions. Plan your Bogota trip keeping in mind all the places you want to visit, and when you want to visit them.

4. Do Not Miss out on the Nightlife

Bogota has one of the best nightlife scenes around the world. These spots tend to pretty safe and are great for eating, drinking, dancing and making merry. some of the most famous nightlife centres are Parque 93, Zona T and Zona Rosa, and they do need to feature in your itinerary.


Bogota is a beautiful city with several places to explore and roam around. People tend to be very talkative. In short, you’ll never be bored. Bogota leaves you asking for more.

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