Boat Storage Ideas For Your Motorhome

Have you seen these shiny A class motorhomes for sale and decided you need one? Renting or buying your first RV is very exciting! Now you can travel to the most beautiful places in the world without thinking about accommodation, bus tickets, meals and your luggage. The only challenge is to find space for all the necessary things.

In the beginning, it seems like you can take everything you want. You will notice the lack of space in your motorhome after you start packing your family’s stuff. You need to be very creative to keep your house on wheels in perfect order. To do so, you can use the experience of boat owners. These guys have tons of smart solutions to suit the tiniest spaces. This guide will help you make your carefree life on the road more comfortable:

Use your doors and walls

There are a lot of things you will use during your trip. Some of them you will need to have on hand. If you don’t want your motorhome to look messy, utilize the inside of your doors. You can hang divided organizers and put there some important items such as bug spray, slippers, first aid kit and even fire extinguisher. Feel free to apply the same idea in your bathroom. It can prevent your numerous hygienic items from falling on your head every time you take a shower.

You will be surprised to discover how much space you have on the walls in your motorhome, try to use it to the fullest. For instance, you can use broom holders to store the flashlights anywhere you want. If you do it, you will thank yourself every evening. Looking for a flashlight in the darkness while hitting everything on your way can be painful.

Boat owners know how important it is to store everything properly, so it will not fall during the storm. The road can be even more dangerous than the sea. You can use velcro to keep your cell phones and remotes in place, so it will not fall when you start driving.

Just in case, bungee your motorhome trash can to the wall to avoid unpleasant situations.

Use your ceiling

Some people sail around the world nonstop. It doesn’t mean that they eat only fish and live an ascetic life. They take everything with them including cleaning supplies, toolbox, and bottles with drinkable water for each person on board. Let’s not forget that there are so many things you don’t even know you will need. No wonder, boat owner use ceiling as the place to store some of their things. You can also mount different items to the ceiling with brackets or use woven nylon hammocks and cargo nets.

Use space under your bed

No man can survive on the boat without extra space under the bed. The good thing is that most motorhomes have storage underneath the couch. If you don’t, update your bed frame so that you can pack all your clothes. There are two ways to go about this ‘hidden closet’. You can use dividers or totes to make the most of your space and put everything in order. Another idea is to set of vacuum bags so that your blankets, clothes and linens will take less space. Also, get yourself a zippered shoe organiser to store off-season shoes.

Space savers

Forget about numerous jars with kitchen supplies. You need to hang it all, so it will not fall every time you turn left. You can install a peg board to organize pans and pots, use the little hammock for fruits, and install spice rack right under a cabinet.

There is actually a way to store your jars as well. Screw them into the ceiling to store candies, spices, teaspoons, etc. If you have a lot of spices and want to add them to your meals every day, consider using spice gripper clipper to organize them.

Also, get some extra organizers to hang your books, magazines and board games.

If you plan to spend a lot of time in your motorhome, you will need a good table for working and eating. You can’t buy random furniture for your motorhome. It might fall on the way or take a lot of space. To deal with it, you can slide out surfaces. So, go for space saving pull-out tables.

Besides using all these tips, remember how important it is to get rid of unnecessary things. For example, if you see that you have not so much corn flakes left, throw away the large package and put leftovers into the smaller jar. If you travel longer than two weeks, revise your stuff every five days.

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