Cool Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday In Singapore

For many people, a birthday is a very special day in their life. This is why they go to every length to make sure that the day becomes memorable for the rest of their life. Although celebrating a birthday is mostly associated with cutting a cake and spending time with near and dear ones, there are many other ways to make the big day special. In today’s time, people are flooded with birthday decorators and several other professional services that help in making your birthday look bigger than life. Now that you’re in Singapore, we will guide you through a few cool ways to celebrate your big day:

1. PaintBall

Wouldn’t it be great to go out for a shooting adventure with your loved ones to mark the celebration of another year of your existence in this world? In Singapore, Red Dynasty Paintball Park offers an economical birthday package in which a total of 11 people including you get to enjoy 2 hours of paintball session. That’s not all; the session is inclusive of a surprise birthday gift, pizza and more for just $500. However, you need to register for your birthday in advance because they have countless bookings throughout the year.

2. Archery Tag

Another unconventional method of celebrating your birthday is to engage in an archery tag. Just imagine yourself in the pristine time of the medieval wars where emperors would engage with arteries to kill their enemies. Though you’re not killing anyone here, one has a lot of fun playing this game with friends and family members. Red Dynasty Paintball Park in Singapore offers an archery session for 15 people that goes on for 1.5 hours. You can also order food for some extra dollars to enjoy munching time with friends.

3. Donut Float Party

If you want your birthday to be a low key affair without the attention of the public, you can have your birthday celebration on a giant doughnut-shaped boat. Flodoco’s doughnut floating boat is a large round with a built-in table and ice bowl. It also features LED lights, a Bluetooth speaker and an umbrella. However, this fun ride can only cater for 8 people at a time. The boat is led by a private captain and departs from Clifford Pier. If you’re from Australia and want to enjoy your birthday in a doughnut as such, you need to google classic birthday venues in Melbourne to get a list of such places.

4. Bouncy House Party

Who says Bouncy house is just for kids? Keep in mind, age is just a number, and you are as old as you feel from the inside. To make your birthday special, you can relive your old days by bouncing and sliding in your bouncy house. In Singapore, Carnival Rentals provide a rented bouncy house, a ball pit and several carnival games that can be adjusted in your house. This way you can make your loved ones enjoy their old days by bouncing on your birthday.

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