10 Tips To Help You Have A Better Conversations With Others

Conversations are attractive, conversations are vital and you surely cannot look exciting without knowing how to hold on to one. Where there are people who are blessed with the talent of conversing just like an extrovert does but on the other side a couple of them have to work really hard at it. Although better conversing needs time and effort, it is also the best way to show off your personality to a bunch of people. So here are 10 tips to help you have a better conversation with others. 

1. Keep the topic ahead

Walking up to someone and directly introducing yourself could possibly creep them out. So the better thought would be leading ahead with an idea followed by introducing yourself. This breaks the ice-cold wall between you and the random person you are approaching, thus making them comfortable at the very sight.

2. Make it Interesting

As said above, the topic will hold the other person into a conversation thus make sure it’s interesting. If the other person doesn’t really find the topic worth conversing, to them you are just a lame guy who forced them to change their location, leaving you embarrassed and cursing yourself. So make sure to come up with a great topic beforehand.

3. Connect what you are talking about

People won’t want to talk to you about the topic that nowhere comes under their radar or doesn’t have to do anything with them. Make sure the topic you are choosing is somewhere related with them or impacts their lives. The best way to keep the conversation going is asking questions which they would love to answer.

4. Body language is must

Nonverbal communication is equally important as the verbal is. Researchers show that 60 to 90 percent of our communication with people around is nonverbal, i.e. through our body language. The best way to present yourself is by maintaining regular eye contact and smiling with a spark in your eyes. The more relaxed and easy you will be going into a conversation, the more positive vibes the other person will be getting from you.

5. Open-ended questions

Try not to ask simple “Yes” or “no” questions. Ask open-ended questions which force them to take the conversation forward. For example instead of asking”Do you like the coffee?” Ask “What do you think about the coffee?”

The first question will return you a one-word answer and won’t leave you much to work with. Whereas the second question will force the other person to open up with their thoughts to you, making them take the conversation forward.

6. Pay attention

People like it when you listen to them. So, feel excited and pay attention to every word the other person utters from their mouth. Sure everything they say may not be interesting to you. But hey, you are the one who needs to learn how to converse with people, right?

Paying attention is attractive and makes a huge difference. It tells that you care about what the other person is saying thus motivating them to speak up their feelings to you.

7. Have ideas

In every conversation, there will be a time when things will start to dry up, inviting that long sullen silence we all dread. Some conversation goes on naturally when you just click with the person next to you but some have to be fueled up. Paying attention to what the other person was saying serves you well now.

You can pre-phrase the next topic within your mind; from anything interesting, the other might have just said. This way, you know they’ll want to talk about it, and it gives the impression of you being interested in them.

8. Natural conversation

While jumping to new topics and discussing new things may seem a very good idea, sometimes it isn’t. Don’t rush into anything. Let the conversation take its pace.

Changing the topic again and again leaves don’t allow you to get in-depth with the person, leaving you just scratching the surface. A natural conversation is the best conversation. Feel the way things are going and change the topic when it gets stale, or let it be when things are getting interesting.

9. Be humorous

People enjoy the company of funny individuals around them. That means to keep the conversation from going lame; you should throw in some humour into it. Open up your mind, crack some of those lame jokes and see where things go. The more someone will enjoy being around you the easier it will be to converse with them.

10. Don’t be stressed

We know you love him/her and that feeling is indescribable. The urge of talking to them will make you nervous or stressed but you need to keep your calm. Being stressed will lessen your thinking process, and may even make you act clumsily.

So be confident approach people will poise you don’t have to worry about perfection. Just talk to people and if the conversation isn’t going your way, sometimes it’s better to end it rather than dragging it on.
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