Why Your 50s Are Going to Be Your Best Years In Life Yet

Although it may seem a little bit too ambitious, we like to call the fifties: the middle age. Jokes aside, when you ask any person over 60 which period of their life was hardest for them in terms of stress, most of them said that it was definitely their forties. It is simple: 50s are the new 30s. We are here to explain why your 50s are going to be your best years in life yet. 

Instead of crazy forties where you have to worry about countless things like job, kids and finances, 50s are all about reading books, playing golf, and looking at the sunset. If you still haven’t reached the fifties, it means that you are currently battling with poopy diapers, getting that promotion, wondering where did your body go etc., don’t worry, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The 50s are going to be your wakeup call. You will realize that your twenties, thirties and forties have passed. You will realize that your children are now all grown up and you will realize that the number deaths of people you know started to increase. You will, for the first time in your life, realize that you have probably lived more years than you have to remain. Not to mention the tough realizations like you didn’t manage to become a millionaire, you haven’t made it to the Olympics, also, your Botox treatment is in five days (since you still don’t want to look “old”).

Still, there are many reasons to look forward to when it comes to your fifties, and without further ado, here are not four, not five, but six reasons for it.

1. When you think about it, nothing really matters that much anymore

Oh, so you had a bad day at work? A taxi driver was super unpleasant? You got a speeding ticket? Your favourite actor decided to retire? But did you die? Any problem is going to seem unbelievably worthless comparing to impending death. And even though this may sound a bit morbid and harsh, remember, you have less and fewer sunsets every day. Enjoy every single one and don’t worry so much.

2. You will realize that wisdom, in fact, DOES come with age

It is incredible – everything they said about wisdom is actually true. Since we spend our entire youth figuring out who we really are, what we think we like doing, what to do and how to do it etc when we reach our fifties all the questions are answered. You will enjoy things much more now, since you will only do things you know you like, and skip on those you don’t. You will no longer waste time and money on poor-quality food, cheap drinks and bad treatments. You will either learn how to do everything yourself, or you will have enough funds to pay for it. Simply, you will enjoy so much more things in life, since you will know exactly how to enjoy them which is great.

3. You will finally accept your flaws

The wrinkles you fought with through the entire fourth and maybe even the third decade of your life won the last battle and managed to stay on your face. But since you are in your fifties, your standards are much lower, so you will even start loving those tiny lines. After all, they represent your life – every laugh, every frown, every excitement – all that is now written deeply in your face. You won’t be trying so hard anymore with all that makeup, overdone hairstyles and flashy outfits, but you will still have the most amazing glow.

4. You will be getting a lot more respect

There’s no way to deny the fact that people listen a little more closely when someone of your age is talking. The waiter in your local restaurant calls you “Sir” and the checkout boy is loading your groceries in the car for you, kids are happy to give you a seat on the bus etc. Plus, you are now taking advantage of many discounts for senior citizens – and there is nothing wrong with that. Time is short and you should take the most of it.

5. For the second time in your life – you actually have time

The last time you had all the time of this world was when you were a toddler probably. Now, after 50 hard years, that time has come again. You can now go through that list of books you haven’t read, enjoy the smell of flowers in your garden, see the places you haven’t been to, have some proper fun at over 50’s villages where you will spend some quality time with people of your age, etc.

6. 50-year-olds are cool as hell

Let’s face it – have you ever seen an angry fifty-year-old? Not only they are smarter and way more experienced, but they also forgot how to treat people in any other way than nice. They are comfortable in their own skin and are great talking partners for everyone.

Turning 50 is your chance to have a fresh start. Those are your golden years during which you can achieve all your goals. Congrats on making through the round one, it is time to rock the round two as well!

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