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The 6 Best Seaside Activities To Help You Cool Off In Singapore

For fun and exotic vacation, Singapore has what you’re looking for. With so many things to do, places to see, foods to eat, and things to learn, there’s never a boring moment. Because of the island’s tropical climate, you can spend time outdoors all year round. There are days when the blazing hot weather can make the outdoor days difficult. Luckily, Singapore is surrounded by beaches you can cool off at when you need it. Here are some of the best seaside activities that will help you cool off in Singapore.

1. Labrador Nature Reserve

The Labrador Nature Reserve is a family-friendly recreational park on the beach. It has a broad promenade, grassy park, children’s playground, and more. This place is perfect for a sunset stroll, a breezy hour of reading, or a good session of fish-watching from the boardwalk above the water.

2. Surf Lessons

A surf lesson is an integral component that makes all the difference between someone who thinks they can surf and someone who can surf. Not until after a lesson will you understand if you truly have what it takes to ride the waves. And, don’t forget to bring your sporty sandals for the beach. You’ll need them.

In Singapore, you can get a lesson from a local surf master with experience on those very waves. They can teach you the best ways to paddle out, stand up, and ride the way all the way back. A surf lesson anywhere is cool, a surf lesson in Singapore is epic!

3. Fishing

Fishing will always be one of the most classic beach activities of all time. Whether you choose to deep-sea fish on a chartered boat, wade in the shallow parts and hope for a swimmer, or throw your line off a dock, there’s still that same joy when the first fish catches the line.

If you’d like some guidance or need to first get the right tools before you begin fishing, check Focus Fishing for the best equipment and supplies on the island.

4. Beach Chair Rental

Sometimes, doing anything at all feels like too much. Some folks spend their vacations filled to the brim with activities. Others, however, prefer to spend as much time relaxing as possible.

If this sounds like you, find a beach chair or cabana you can rent for shade and a cool place to lay all day while the ocean breeze blows your hair back. Waking up from a sun nap on a lounger along Sentosa Beach has never sounded better.

5. Sandcastles

While trying out new activities keeps life interesting, sometimes going back to the basics provides the most joy. Remember the innocence of being a young child building the ultimate sand castle on the beach? The unadulterated fun that comes from creating something beautiful with your own hands can’t be beaten.

So, find a spot with soft, wet sand, and spend the day with your toes in the waves creating a sand masterpiece. If you have kids, even better – they’ll love working with you on this project.

6. Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

One of the most popular water activities of the year, stand-up paddle boarding is a great way to see more of the beach than you would from the sand.

It’s an easy, low-effort activity that allows you to stand on a board, guiding yourself through the water. Do it alone or with a group of people — either way, there’s fun to be had.

The Singapore Seaside — The Place to Be

 After a long sight-seeing session outside in Singapore, almost nothing can beat the cool ocean breeze flowing from every direction on the island. So find a spot near the water, pick one of these great seaside activities, and enjoy yourself!

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