Top 9 Best Recruitment Agencies In Singapore

It is unarguable that many individuals these days are looking for jobs and a greener pasture to feed their families. Some would prefer to stay in their home countries, while others have already decided to work abroad. It can be risky on the part of the workers from abroad, but when they consider the compensation, all their efforts are pretty much fulfilling. You may consider European countries, but there are also countries in Asia which can offer job openings. Singapore would be a great place to start your career. The country is not as big compared to other countries and the best of all, the government’s tax is only 4% of the income of workers.

1. Aegis Company

Aegis Company Is another popular recruitment company in the nation. The agency has a promising reputation and tracks record when it comes to their manpower. It will not only provide the right kind of job that suits you but also gives free counselling.


AACRC is an American recruitment agency in Singapore that recruits expats job supports. They will not just accommodate Americans who will be recruited in this nation but also other ethnicities. They provide workshops and job board training.

3. Career Hub

Probably the newest company in the industry of recruitment, but they have a good reputation and are becoming more and more popular ever since they were established back in 2011.  They provide wide arrays of employees in various types of industry, whether it is construction, IT or even manpower.

4. Eghon Zehnder

Eghon Zehnder is a global company that recruits workers in Singapore and also provides exceptional assistance to their recruits. Aside from recruiting, the office will provide a research professional.

5. Energy Resourcing

This agency searches for the most talented employees all around the globe. They are the leading company and has been in the contractor management industry for quite some time now. They offer engineering projects for fresh graduates and experienced engineers.

6. Spencer Stuart

Spencer Stuart is another popular overseas office operating in 55 different offices in 30 countries. The firm is partnered with many workforce agencies worldwide, and you will be recruited quickly, once you have your Incorporation Options in Singapore – Visa Express. If you are a skilled worker, you can never go wrong with this firm.

7. DP Search

DP Search is known as the South East Asia recruitment company that puts their name at the top in this industry. The company has been operating for over than 2 decades and specialises in finance and other CPA – accounting workers.

8. Garner International

If you still don’t know what kind of job that fits you in Singapore, this firm will offer you a lot of options from many industries that will fit your skillset. They have a good track record when it comes to job offers. They specialise in the field of IT, and skilled workers (experienced or not) in electronics.

We are still looking out for the 9th. If you know of any worthy contenders let us know. Hope the above recommendations will assist you in your job search. All the best for your next move!

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