Best Mediterranean Beaches & Restaurants In Sardinia

“This land resembles no other place. Sardinia is something else” said David Herbert Lawrence in his travel book around Sardinia. When in Sardinia, you must visit Gallura, one of its most popular regions. You will be astounded by its amazing beaches and crystal clear waters. Resort Le Dune, situated on the northern coast of Sardinia is surrounded by the lush greenery and boasts a wonderful view on the Gulf of Asinara. Here’s our take on the best beaches and restaurants in Sardinia.

Top 3 Beaches in Sardinia

1. Ira Beach Sardinia

Located in Porto Nuraghe, only 15 km away from Olbia, Ira Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Porto Rotondo. It was been named after Princess Ira Von Furstenberg, who used to live in one of the houses on the beach. The beach is home to sugary white sand and clear blue waters surrounded by beautiful rock formations and typical Mediterranean greenery.

2. Pebbles Beach Sardinia

Pebbles Beach is also situated in Porto Rotondo, the sand here is pretty thin and the pebbles are quite small. Surrounded by a massive cliff, this beach offers an amazing view and the sea in this area is mostly calm. You can also rent watercraft.

3. Pink Beach

The last beach you should really go visit, is the Pink Beach. Located in the beautiful area of the Maddalena archipelago, the Pink beach is famous for the color of its sand, pink, which owes its typical color to microscopic fragments of corals and shells such as Miriapora truncata and Miniacina Miniacea. It can only be visited with a tourist guide. It’s definitely a must see place!

Where to Eat in Porto Rotondo

Enoteca da Giovannino, is a typical Sardinia restaurant, where you can try all the specialties from Porto Rotondo.

Il Tartarughino, also located in Porto Rotondo, takes its name from the club that “built” the history of Costa Smeralda. It offers breakfast, lunch, aperitif, dinner and after dinner. It’s a great place to go to for a night out. It also has its private beach right on the Pebbles Beach, which you can book and enjoy within 24 hours.

The Valley of the Moon in Gallura

If you are a traveller who likes slow tourism and excursions, probably you already know that Sardinia isn’t only beaches and summer activities. There is much more to see throughout this island, such as the Valley of the Moon (Valle della Luna), located close to Capo Testa promontory, in Santa Teresa di Gallura.

This small valley derives its name from its white granite boulders: if you are lucky enough to see the valley at night, under the moonlight, you’ll see these rocks shine! It’s an enchanting natural show, as well as other places in Sardinia, but this one was re-discovered by hippie communities during the Sixties, due to the stunning beauty of the valley and its hidden position.

From Santa Teresa di Gallura, once crossed the isthmus of Capo Testa, turn left and continue for 1 kilometer. Once arrived near a small group of houses you reach a small square. Here starts a trail that leads up to the Valley of the Moon: it is a route that winds for about 700 meters between small rocks and bushes. When you’ll arrive at the valley you’ll feel yourself immersed in a very quietful place far from everyday life and off the beaten paths in Sardinia.

Are you ready for an authentic journey through the land of mysteries,unspoilt beaches and genuine food? Sardinia is always the right choice.

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