Best Fitness Trackers & How To Connect Them To Your Smartphone

Getting fit has never been easier. There are so many options to help you stay active and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Fitness trackers are some of the latest additions to the mix to help you monitor your fitness activities. Whether it’s around your wrist, around your neck, or in your pocket, these fitness trackers will keep you informed on your fitness progress on your smartphones. We are here to share the best fitness trackers and how to connect them to your smartphone after purchasing these trackers from Groupon, Fasttech or other online merchants. Each tracker is a little different so you will need to know how to get them in sync.

1. Best Fitness Trackers – Fitbit

You’ve no doubt heard of this helpful exercise pal and you won’t stop seeing people with their handy Fitbits around their wrist anytime soon. This activity tracker is by far the most popular. When people are talking about fitness trackers, no matter what the brand, they usually say “Fitbit” instead of “fitness tracker.” It’s become the new “Kleenex” of what is actually technically called “facial tissues.”

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Worn as a watch, this tracker gives you stats on your overall activity, exercises, and even your sleep. It lets you slowly follow weight patterns to let you know what you’ve lost and gained over time. There’s even a blog that Fitbit offers to give you the latest advice, informational articles, recipes, and more about keeping up with your well-being.

So, how do you connect it to your phone? Compatible with most phones, this should go smoothly. If you have an Apple phone, find Fitbit in the Apple App store for iOS. Next, install the app by clicking the “Install” button. You’ll probably be prompted to sign into your Apple account. After it’s been installed, open the app and click on the button that says “Join Fitbit.” There the next steps will be pretty easy to follow.

The good news here? The app is free. But if you’re still in the market for a Fitbit yourself, you’ll have to shell out a bit of cash. Coupon sites like Dealspotr and Slickdeals often have deals on Fitbits, and the Fitbit forums are pretty active with discount codes as well.

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2. Best Fitness Trackers – Amazfit

Another one to make the list if the Amazfit, a fitness tracker that lets you track heart rate, exercise activity, calories burned, and other important elements required for a healthy lifestyle. With Amazfit, connecting to your phone through an app from App Store or Google Play is incredibly easy. All you have to do is press your finger on the top of the screen of your Amazfit device and drag your finger down. Under your finger, you will see the words “Pull Down to Sync.” Release your finger and it will say “Syncing…” For Android, you have to have your phone near the device and it will automatically sync once you’ve downloaded the Amazfit app.

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You can purchase this tracker as FastTech, and we recommend doing so – FastTech has an ongoing promo code that will allow you to save 10% on your order.

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3. Best Fitness Trackers – Garmin vívofit

Fitness trackers have become so big, even big electronic brands are trying their hand at the phenomenon. Garmin offers their vívofit line of wearable fitness trackers that are similar to Fitbit. The vívofit uses Bluetooth technology to pair your iPhone or Android cell phone to your fitness tracker. You can wirelessly sync to your phone and stay current on your health stats. You can check out their models here:

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This syncing is simple. Install Garmin Connect Mobile to your phone first. Then, put your watch next to your phone and hold down the button on your watch until you see “Pair.” Release the button and wait until they are finished pairing.

You can buy the Vivofit directly from Garmin, but if you’re willing to wait a touch longer you can buy on Groupon for a discounted price. And looking for a Groupon promo code before buying couldn’t hurt either – they constantly have promotions running, some even being found on the very top of their site.

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4. Best Fitness Trackers – Motiv

Discover an even more inconspicuous fitness device than a thin wristwatch. Described as a “smart ring,” this waterproof fitness tracker is an intelligently designed device that is aimed at helping you become the healthiest you can be. It does this by tracking your heart rate, distance, steps, sleep, calories burned, and it helps you reach your goals.

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From afar, it looks like just some ring worn for fashion, so it’s great for people who don’t want their fitness tracker to stand out. Some people also prefer wearing a ring instead of a watch to avoid the annoyance of having an object around their wrist.

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To sync the device to your phone, you simply download the Motiv app to your iPhone or Android phone and turn on Bluetooth. When Bluetooth is on, it syncs with your Motiv ring when it is near. You can also sync by twisting the ring around your finger a couple of times. When the blue light is visible, that means it is synced.

5. Best Fitness Trackers – TomTom Fitness Tracker

This one has great reviews and it was created by a top-of-the-line brand, so you’ll be set with your TomTom Fitness Tracker. However, syncing this device to your phone takes a couple more steps than the others. To pair your TomTom fitness tracker to your Android, start by downloading the TomTom Sports app specifically. After you install the app, sign into your fitness tracker account.

Once you are in, click “Get Started” at the top where it says “Latest.” Now, go to your watch. Open Settings, then select “Phone” and press “Right.” At that point, you click on “Pair New.” Make sure your phone and the watch are close to each other because now they are going to begin syncing.

Wait! We’re not there quite yet. On the “Activate Your Device” page, tap “Watch.” Wait for the name of your watch to appear on the Searching screen. When it pops up, accept it.

For iPhone, download the TomTom Sports app. Go to your watch and, open settings, click “Phone” and swipe right, just like above. Start the app on your phone and press “Get Started.” Click on “Watch.” When the name of your watch shows up, accept the request. Both Android and iPhone will require PIN codes to fully activate.

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Best Fitness Trackers – Sync and Start Moving

If you don’t already have a fitness tracker, it’s time to add one to your life! If you have a phone, adding a fitness tracker to your daily life is easy. As you can see, connecting your phone to any fitness tracker boils down to a few basics: downloading the app, maybe changing a few settings, and making sure both devices are near each other. Now that we can sync the best fitness trackers onto our phone, it’s never been easier to stay in touch with where we are in our personal health. Sync up and begin your journey in reaching your fitness goals!

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