These 10 Are The Best Family Board Games Ever!

Our fast-paced lives keep us busy five days a week and it’s difficult to spend quality time with our family and kids. The family tradition of playing board games is making a comeback as a measure to connect with our family members and reduce the time we spend on our phones. If you want to invest in the right board game to play with your friends and family, then you must start here. However, here is an organized list of amazing board games which you can play with your family over the weekend or during holidays.

1. Monopoly

This is the best family board game of all times. In this game, you get to own properties and then charge rent from players for landing on your property. This results in hilarious fights and you end up playing it for hours without realizing.

2. Anti-Monopoly

This was derived from the original game of Monopoly. The players in anti-monopoly are divided into two teams: competitors and monopolists. The game ends when all players are bankrupt or become the richest competitor or monopolist among other players.

3. Ludo

This strategy game can be played with two, three or four players. If you’re looking for an easy board game which involves no complicated rules and is also enjoyed by kids of all ages, then Ludo must be your first pick.

4. Chess

Chess is one of the oldest board games and is believed not to be suitable for everyone (except for a few brainy geniuses).

It is played between two players and although it requires a lot of strategies and careful thinking; it is engaging once you start playing while also stimulating your mind.

5. Scrabble

How can we discuss board games without the mention of the classic old scrabble? Ideal for two to four players, this game enhances your vocabulary and strategic thinking.

Scrabble can be included in your board-game nights if you have young kids who need to improve their word skills or make them learn new words.

6. Operation

In this game, the players perform surgeries on a patient who suffers from various injuries and you need to fix the patient without touching his injuries.

Operation is a very enjoyable game; it also tests your hand-to-eye coordination and requires full concentration.

7. Twister

Playing twister with your family or even friends results in many enjoyable and hilarious moments. All this game requires from you is a flat surface, balance and flexibility. If your body touches the twister mat or you can’t make any other move, you lose.

8. Catan

This board game has won many awards, including the 2015 Vegas Game of the Century award. Catan is played on a hexagonal board with two or four players who try to gain as many territories and resources as possible.

There are versions of Catan which can be played with five to six players and there is also a special edition for children and Game Of Throne fans too.

9. Sequence

This is another strategy-based game which can be played with twelve players or in two teams which makes it an ideal choice during large family gatherings.

This game contains chips of different colors and each player or team must make sequences of the same color on the board to win.

10. Codenames

Codenames is a spy-themed game which is played in two teams with a spymaster in each team. The players have to identify secret agents with the help of one-word clues given to them by their spymasters.

This is a very engaging board game and is suitable even for kids who like to engage in Nerf wars. It is best to be played in family gatherings with teenagers.

Next time your family gets together, spend time with each other by playing one of these board games instead of staring at your phones and gadgets.

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